Friday, January 8, 2010

Pregnancy conversations with the husband. . .

I was going to add this in yesterdays post - But got side tracked. :)

Me: Baby! Tell me how many weeks I am today
Will: Ummm... 43?
Me: *thud* LOL - I never wanna be 43 weeks pregnant. Try 30.

Hahaha. Now - I know he's a smart guy. But I am unsure if he was serious or not. I tell him every Sunday "Baby! I am xx weeks fat!" So I figured he'd know.. He even told me, back in October when I was at a friends husbands home coming that I'm xx weeks pregnant, so approx xx weeks until our homecoming. Which is why I asked him that.. LMAO.

Me: I had a few braxton hicks contractions while doing the dishes.
Will: A few what?
Me: [I explined what BHC are - That it's my body/uterus practicing/getting ready for child birth, ect]
Will: That's weird, lol

xD I have no idea why he thought it was weird.

Me: I can't believe that next Sunday [not this one but the following], I'll be 8 months pregnant!
Will: Holy jesus!
Me: Did that freak you out a bit? lol. I still have 2 months left, but still.. Wow, I'm almost 8 months.
Will: So you mean you'll be 7 months on Sunday?

*slaps forehead* I explained to him that pregnancy is actually 10 months.. And that most say 9 because by the time they find out, you're at least a month along. But if you think about it.. Pregnancy is 40 weeks. Most months are 4 weeks long.. Therefore, equaling 10 months. It makes sense - But I hadn't thought about that until someone told me back in June.

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