Sunday, December 27, 2009

All About Emmersyn!

This here post will be all about our baby girl! :)

On July 10th, 2009 sometime in the earlyish morning I peed on a stick. . . By this time, my period was about 10 days late. I have been on birth control for just over 4 years now... I was on ortho trycyclen lo for 4 years - And then I had switched over to Yaz. I was still on yaz, on my 2nd month of it. I tested the day my period was due...negative. I tested 2 more times in about 3 days, all negative. We then went on vacation to Will's dads house for his pre-deployment leave. We got home on July 9th - So given that information, I didn't think I would get a positive test result when I tested the morning on the 10th. I had used a digital test... Much to my surprise, I saw the word... PREGNANT!!!

I was excited - but this was unexpected and not planned by any means. I was scared and nervous. My nerves over took my excitement. Will did not take it well - Which I expected from him. It took him about a month or so to come around, and by that time he was already out at sea.

On July 13th I went and had it confirmed - and at the time, based off my LMP, I was due March 4th. At that time, they set me up with an appointment with a Midwife. But I had a long 6 week wait. . . I didn't have my 1st appointment until August 27th. My mom came with me. . . And there it was completely confirmed. There we saw our little peanut. She was bouncing around like crazy even then, at 11 weeks 1 day. They had also changed my EDD to March 14th, 2010. Our little jumping bean had a nice little heart beat in the 160's - my mom instantly said "girl" as soon as my Midwife told us her what her HB was, with a big smile on her face!

My first trimester was a breeze. I was waiting for the morning sickness (M/S) to hit – But it never did. I pee'd a lot. . . Was a little more tired, but that could've been due to my thyroid. And I ate a little more. . . All in all, it was a breeze. And I gained a total of 6 pounds the whole trimester.

Second trimester was also a breeze. . . My belly grew & grew. Her movements became strong and happening more. My total weight gain for 2nd trimester was around 18 poundes. YIKES!! That put me at a total of 20 pounds thus far. . .

2nd trimester was an exciting one as we found out the sex of our precious baby girl! I was to impatient to wait till 19+ weeks to find out what we were having, so I talked hubby into paying for us to get a 3D/4D ultrasound and find out early. I found a GREAT place with great packages and pricing – And the package we got gave us a 50$ off coupon on another package at a 2nd visit in this pregnancy. So on October 5th, 2009 my mom and I headed to the ultrasound place. . . I was 17 weeks and 1 day. It was amazing – I love the place. The tech was very sweet and nice. . . And at the time we found out we were having a little PRINCESS!! Will had stayed awake past his 'shift' at work to wait for the news – But of course comms crashed out on us right before I went in so he couldn't call like he wanted to nor could he reply. He did get my email though saying he's having a daddy's girl! My mom was crying during the whole ultrasound – but when the tech said it was a girl she started bawling which in turn made me cry. I thought, because of the lack of response from my husband, that he was disappointed it was a girl. I know he really wants a boy to carry on his last name. But he was excited – Nervous about the future with her, lol, but excited. He loves his baby girl & already has her very spoiled!

Will and I already had names picked out for both a boy & a girl. So from then on we were able to refer to her by her name. . . Emmersyn Diana Maupin. Her nickname, and what daddy calls her more often then not, is Emma. I also call her Em often when I'm too lazy to type it all out.

Emmersyn was a name that I had heard when I worked day care back in High School. We had a little girl there named Emmerson (with that spelling). I always loves that name & said I would name my daughter that – But earlier in my pregnancy Will had turned it down. A few weeks later when we were talking about girl names (our boy name was much easier to agree on), I threw Emmerson at him again, however, I changed the spelling to Emmersyn. He agreed to it. . . And there it was. We finally had a 1st name for a girl.

Diana is a name I was dead set on for her middle name – And he knew that from the start and wasn't against it. Diana was my Grandmothers name – Who passed coming up on 11 or 12 years this March. In fact – Her death date is March 21st, a week after my EDD. And as weird as it may sound to some – I am kind of hoping she'll come that day, as is my mom. It'll be a very emotional day as is, but if she makes her appearance on March 21st, it'll be all that more emotional.

I am now in my 3rd trimester – 29 weeks pregnant – And so far so good. However, I am even more exhausted then I was just 2 weeks ago in my 2nd trimester. Which is driving me nuts! I would love if the energy fairy visited. . . Or the cleaning fairy. Hopefully the nesting fairy will hit sooner rather than later!

My cravings have been manageable, though not the best – Carbs & sweets. That's probably where my 20 pounds have came from! Lol. Though my Midwife is happy with my weight gain… 20 lbs in 28 weeks (that's when my last appt was)? Eh – Not to shabby I suppose.

I am currently awaiting the results from my 1 hour glucose test. As well as results from my iron and thyroid checks – Which I had all three done on Thursday. Out of the three, I am most worried about my iron levels. I am kind of hoping they're low, which'll make this lack of energy make more sense. But I do not want to have to take supplements!

So yeah… Her room is all put together. My parents are wonderful and purchased her nursery furniture for us. A beautiful convertible crib and a dresser with a hutch that'll grow with her. She's got a ton of clothes – Both handed down and new clothes from us, my parents and my mother-in-law. Daddy and I bought her travel system (strolled + infant seat) early on when we had a coupon… We're pretty much set if she decides to come now (please wait though baby girl!). We still need her pack-in-play for our bedroom as she'll be sleeping with us the first few months, I plan on breast feeding! And a few odds and ends… Bath stuff and other little/random things. But we got a good start! My baby shower will be on January 23rd. I am stoked for it!

Also on January 9th I will have my 2nd 4D ultrasound done. My parents are both coming out and possibly/most likely both of my brothers. I cannot wait to see her little chubby face. She'll actually look more like a BABY and less like an ALIEN! I will be purchasing the DVD again (they record the whole ultrasound onto VHS but we can have it put onto a DVD for extra) so that I can send a copy to her daddy so he can see his Princess. We did this last time – And he loved it. Of course, he wishes he can actually be here in person to see it. But we're working with what we have!

I suppose that I'll wrap this up. All in all, so far I have had an amazing pregnancy – A very easy one at that!

Until next time –

Allyssa :)

PS - If you see a random "J" in my post, it's because the smiley didn't transfer over as one from my Microsoft Doc. Anytime I make a smiley like this - :) in Microsoft Word, it makes an actual smiley face. So yeah. . .

Saturday, December 26, 2009

About The Maupins

So since my test post seemed to work I suppose I will write a real blog. I wonder if it'll transfer my pretty text as well. I have a lot that I'd love to use!

I suppose I'll get to the point of this post. This would be our introduction. Currently talking (or should I say typing) is the lady of the house Allyssa. I will most likely be the only one in here updating as I am currently a stay at home wife (SAHW), soon to be a stay at home mommy (SAHM). I am currently pregnant with our first child a little princess. We'll get back to her soon after all she will be the highlight of this blog. J

So we've established that I'm currently a SAHW. I absolutely love it. I love being home every day to greet Will when he gets home from work. Not to crazy about the cleaning, but I do what I gotta do. J I am 21 years young, just turned 21 actually in August. I love children absolutely love them. They are my passion. I worked at a in-home day care for 5 years. I have also interned in a Kindergarten class my senior year of high school, and I was a substitute preschool teachers aid out here in sunny San Diego for a few short months. I quit that job to become a nanny for 2 beautiful children. That job, sadly, only lasted a few short months as well. All of my jobs and my internship have been very rewarding. My hope & goal is to, one day, open an in-home day care so that I can stay home and raise my daughter and any future kids we may have, as well as bring in some extra money & work with kids again. We will see where life takes me, though. I am also very into photography though I am not all that great. I enjoy getting out & taking photos. As well as capturing our lives on camera. I take lots and lots of pictures so be prepared for that!

The man of the house is my lovely husband Will. You'll also hear me refer to him as William, hubby, DH (dear husband), or his new name as daddy. He is also 21 though will soon be turning 22 in February. My old man! :p Will is in the US Navy and works as an IT He's a computer nerd. He is a great guy with a huge heart. He works hard sometimes too hard. And does everything in his power to make the people around him happy. He is liked by many people. He is a big nerd he loves to play his X-Box 360 and other random games on the computer. He also loves old cars!

Both Will and I are from a city near Palm Springs, California called La Quinta, CA. We were both raised out in the Coachella valley our whole lives. We attended La Quinta High School which is where we met and fell in love. We were young, 16 & 17, both juniors in high school in 2005. But age really doesn't matter. Will left for the Navy just 40 short days after we graduated from high school. Within 8 months of Graduating HS we were married February 10th, 2007. We're coming up on our 3rd anniversary. And like any young couple, even as a marriage couple, we have had our ups and downs. But we're working through it. We currently live in San Diego, where he got stationed in January of 2007. We're here at least until his contract ends July 2011 which is coming up fast! We are very thankful to have gotten stationed so close (just 2 hours) to our families and home town.

We have two kitties Azul & Bella. They're our babies & are both very spoiled. They are a ton of fun & keep me company when Will is gone.

As I mentioned above we are expecting our 1st child. A baby girl, whom we have named Emmersyn Diana, will join us March 2010. My due date is March 14th. We are both quiet nervous but also excited. I myself have wanted nothing more than to be a mother. And now my biggest dream is coming true and I am going to experience parenthood with my best friend and the love of my life. I couldn't ask for anything better. She is already a very spoiled baby girl!! She is the 1st Grandbaby on my side of the family and my mom was very excited to find out it's a girl. She is the 3rd Grandbaby for Will's mom, but the 1st Granddaughter. So those two things alone have her very much so spoiled. I am so thankful for our families though They have helped so much. We couldn't give our daughter everything she needs on our own, unfortunately. But we have wonderful family who have helped a ton and she is already good to go I haven't even had my baby shower yet!! Being due middle of March puts me at 29 weeks pregnant today! This pregnancy has flown by!

Unfortunately, Will has missed the whole pregnancy. We found out I was pregnant on July 10th
and had it confirmed on July 13th. But July 31st Will was off on his 2nd deployment. What was supposed to be a 6 month deployment bringing him home end of January it has turned into an 8 month deployment and now he isn't due home until the end of March. So it'll be cutting it very close to our daughters birth!!!

I have so much more I can write. . . But I think that, for now, this is long enough. Tomorrow I will be back to post more about my pregnancy & our daughter.

Until next time-


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