Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So busy...

Oy, ever since my husband got home last Friday we've been on the go it seems... And when I have down time to spend online (while he's on his xbox), I have a bunch of things to catch up on. I had just gotten into a routine when he got home & was all caught up w/ my reader & was keeping up... Now? I'm *way* behind again! And I'm sure it'll be like this until my husband goes back to work full time April 23rd.

He's only been working on duty days - Every 3 days. His nonduty days we usually have somewhere to go/something to do! Saturday we both got new phones. He was due for an upgrade since right before he left, but we held off knowing hed be gone at least 6 months... I was surprised when they said I was up for one, too. So I got a new blackberry, which I loce! That's where our state refund went to... Hah. We also got our federal refund the other day & spent a good chunk of it. Today I bought Em a jumperoo that she can use in a few months & a big girl car seat, since we had the money. We have a long drive coming up in June, so we'll switch her to that seat then.

Emmersyn is going to be 4 weeks old tomorrow (well, in 2 hours). I cannot believe its been 4 weeks! She's starting to fill out & get a bit chubby. She's estimated (weighed her with me) to weigh around 8lbs. She's still a peanut, but considering she got down to 6lbs 9oz or so... She's doing great tho! Mommies milk seems to be doing its job. I still absolutely love breast feeding & she seems to as well. She takes a paci for comfort, but more often then not she prefers mommies boobies for comfort - She knows the difference & knows what she wants! I have fallen in love with my Moby wrap - As has little miss Em. She knocks out within 5 minutes of being in it & knocks out hard. More often then not she goes in it when we shop.

Other then being on the go & more exhausted then I was when I was alone w/ the baby, things are good. I gotta nurse Em & get us both to sleep - Up at 7am to get daddy from work! Maybe on Sat (his next duty day) I'll have time to post pictures!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Welcome Home!

He's home!! And he just LOVES the baby & she loves him. Its amazing to see them together. And its like she just knew he's her daddy. I love it. We're in bed & I'm on my [new] phone, I'll post all about homecoming & how things have been, as well as pictures, tomorrow. He has duty. :(

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Real Quick

TOMORROW this deployment comes to an end.
TOMORROW my daughter gets to meet her dad for the first time.
TOMORROW I get to wrap my arms around my husband and kiss him.
TOMORROW my family will be complete. Finally.

And today my baby girl is 3 weeks old - Wow!
I'll leave you with some pictures.

She's 2 weeks old here.

Love my Moby wrap - And so does she!

My chubbers.

Yesterday at 20 days old - Some morning tummy time.

Also taken yeserday.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Emmersyns Birth Story

[She's been asleep long enough, and my computer has been alive long enough, for me to be able to get this typed up!]

Emmersyn Diana
March 4, 2010
7lbs 1oz
19.5 inches

I went to the doctor on March 3rd for my 38 week appointment. . . Much to the surprise of myself & my Midwife - I was 3 cms, easily stretchable to a 4, 75% effaced and her head was at 0 station. She stripped my membranes. And right away - The cramping started. That cramping, was actually contractions. I went home after my doctor appointment in awe of what just happened. . . I called my mom & said she needs to pack her bags tonight. I kept her posted, and when she got off work at 5pm she went home and took care of the animals and packer her bag. . . She then drove out here. I was still cramping, it hadn't stopped, and we figured I'd have the baby sometime that weekend anyways. . .

She got here around 9pm and we went straight to the hospital. I couldn't time the contractions - They were both in the front and back. It was a constant crampy feeling. Nothing that was unbearable, though. In fact - I drove us to the hospital! xD

We got there and I got into a triage room right away - Changed into a gown and hooked up to monitors. I was contracting. . . Though very small. They were 1-2 minutes apart. I got checked and was a good 4cms, still 75% effaced & her head was now -1 station. They did an U/S to make sure she was head down, and she was. They felt her to guess on a size - Said she's small, probably in the 6lb range.

They then say they'll be admitting me.

I got admitted and into my room around 10:00pm on March 3rd. My mom then went down & got our things. . . And called my Aunt & brothers GF, who were coming to video tape and take pictures for me. My dad was in Vegas - The night before I text my mom and said "Watch Emmersyn come when dad was out of town." Hah. He stayed put. . . He was coming home the next day - Plus he had a commitment on Fri & Sat in the desert.

Around 12:00-12:30am on the 4th they checked me. . . I hadn't progressed. So they said they wanted to break my water AND start me on pit. . . I told them to call in for my epi (when I heard pit, I knew right away I needed the epi). They broke my water around 1:00am - Weirdest feeling ever. Instantly the contractions picked up. And painful. Some right on top of the other, others spaced out a bit. I somehow was able to sit perfectly for the epidural. . . I actually only had 1 contraction when she was doing the part where I had to sit super still - So that made it easier. I remember my crotch leaking since they broke my water and me thinking "Oh God - I hope I don't leak on my mom" who was sitting on the side of the bed and my feet were hanging on her lap. And then my boobs start leaking - And I say out loud "My boobs leaking!" And everyone laughed - And then we talked about how I started leaking around 20-25 weeks. They were amazed.

By 1:30 my epidural was done and I was feeling it in my left side. It took about 20 minutes to full work on my right side.

All I felt of labor was those 30-35 minutes between them breaking my water and the epi working. Ohhh yeah!

They started the pit sometime shortly after that. . . And Em kept going off her monitor. My mom went out to meet my Aunt & brothers GF after my epi was inserted, and when she came back in, the nurses were working like crazy with me to get Em calmed down/get her back on the monitor. I was checked around 2:00-2:30am and was all of a sudden 9cms!!! 80% effaced and her head was -2 station.

I got 'stuck' there for 2 hours. . . There was just a little bit of cervix that I needed to get past. Finally, at 4:30am - I was a 10 and ready to push.

So I pushed. . . And pushed. . . And pushed. An hour went by. . . 2 hours. . . 3 hours. . . A shift change. I was hoping I'd deliver with the team of nurses I had, and had been pushing with the past 3 hours, as well as the doctors. . . But that's okay. Lucky for me - I got another GREAT set of nurses and they actually got me pushing harder, and were a bit more personal (the intern was rubbing my leg, and just real personal with me, it was nice). And then I had a Midwife, instead of a doctor. . . And she was from my Midwife clinic, though I hadn't seen her. She was AWESOME. I am so happy she delivered. . .

Around 8:00am they called in the peds team, and some other doctors. . . I don't remember much. By this time (3.5 hours into pushing) I was getting tired, emotional and just wanted her out. My eyes were closed between pushes. But I remember opening them at one point and seeing a ton of people in the room. . . I remember hearing a doctor tell my Aunt & brothers GF that they need to turn the video cameras off & no pictures until she was born, very sternly. They were thinking of using forceps or the vacuum. Emmersyns head was turned to the left. .  Instead of down. They tried turning her, and got her to turn a little, but she wouldn't turn all the way.

I remember hearing one doctor telling my Midwife no forceps yet. . . And I kept pushing. I had people calling me by my name telling me to push, I had my mom in my ear encouraging me, crying (happy tears). . . Making me cry. And I heard some guy yelling "Push mama" - Which I was thinking "WTF" at first, because I didn't realize how many people/who all was in the room - And last I saw, there was no guy (not that I was against it, just saying). Honestly - It was nice to hear a guys voice.

Finally. . . 8:35am my princess came into the world. She had her cord lightly wrapped around her neck one time. I wanted her to come straight to my belly - But because of the cord & the 4 hours of pushing (which eventually, in the last 20ish minutes, put a strain on her), she had to go straight to be checked out. She never left my room, though.

I cried and cried. I cried happy tears. I cried scared tears. And I cried sad tears - Sad tears because her daddy missed her grand enterence into the world.

We have a ton of pictures of the whole delivery. . . More then he'll ever want to see. LMAO. And some video. . . So while it isn't the same, I am glad we have that for him to see when he gets home, if he wants to.

I had a couple 2nd degree tears. . . The awesome Midwife that delivered her tried to avoid it, but it just wasn't avoidable. Recovery was hard. Especially the first night. I was alone in the hospital. . . Getting in and out of bed was hard. Real hard. And the baby stayed with me all night - No nursery for her to go to. I cried. And Will reassured me that I can do it. I somehow made it through. . . And we went home the next day.

To this day - I believe my first 5 days of recovery were worse & harder then my whole pregnancy, labor and delivery. My little bundle of perfection tore me up - But her poor head also took a beating.

Mommyhood has been great. I love it. I have been so blessed with a wonderful baby & I cannot wait for her daddy to meet her!!!

So Busy :: Update. . . Maybe

Well see how long little miss can stay off the boob//how long my computer will last before overheating.

I've been so busy with doctor appointments. My garsh - My poor baby & her poor heals! She's such a trooper, though.

Last week we were at the doctors on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday. . . And again today. For her 2 week well baby & another jaundice check. Good GREAT news - HER JAUNDICE LEVELS ARE DROPPING! And we don't need to go back for another check. Thank you, Lord!!! Every doctor appointment was so stressful for me - Wondering, worrying, if she'd get readmitted again. How would I do it ALONE?! Oy - Very scary. Needless to say, I was very happy to get to go home WITH my baby after each appointment. Though it took a bit longer - And it took her having to go onto formula for 30 hours - It's finally going down. And I can see it in her beautiful skin tone. No more ugly "sun tan". 

I have so many pictures I want to share - But I can't seem to find the time! Maybe next week? By then I'll have a hundred more!

Tomorrow my mother & sister-in-law are coming to meet Emmersyn. That'll be tiring, I am sure. Having to entertain people while healing and with a new born is tiring to just THINK about - Let alone DO.

Thursday. . . Ah sweet Thursday. Emmersyn is taking her first trip to Red Robin with mommy, Mindy & Cecilia. It's a must. And we're all excited. Em & Cecilia are 10.5 months apart in age. Mindy is another Navy wife - And an AWESOME friend! 

Friday is mommy & Emma day. I may head out and get my toes done - Or we may just declare it a PJ day like yesterday was! 

Saturday we have at least 1 visitor coming. I am expecting 1 other person to come visit. A few of my long time friends have been dying to come meet her. But the whole jaundice thing has kept us so busy [we spent AT LEAST 2 hours at the doctors office each visit] and I haven't wanted too many people handling her just yet. . . I haven't kept her inside, in a bubble. . . She's been to Target. A few times. And the exchange. And Vons. And her doctors office is at the Hospital. But even out at those places, there aren't a bunch of people touching and hovering over her. The poor girl has been through enough in her 12 days of life, as far as doctors go, so I made the decision we'll wait until after she's 2 weeks for visitors other then family. 

Sunday we have no plans - But the one other visitor may come then. I told people that if they wanna see//meet her - Saturday & Sunday are the days. Other wise, they'll have to wait until May. Why? You ask. Well. . . This may or may not be our last weekend without daddy. :O Next week will be filled with homecoming preps and enjoying my piggy - Without having to worry about doctor appointments! And once daddy gets home? Well our days will be filled with family time. Much needed, long over do family time. When daddy gets home - He'll only have to work on duty days, which'll be every 3 days. And on April 9th - He goes on leave until April 23rd. In which we have things to do here in San Diego - Including my 6 week check up. And we have to go home to visit family and all that 'fun stuff'. Then we'll be getting into a new routine. . . A routine of daddy working and Em and I hanging out at home, doing homely stuff. By the time we are all settled - It'll be May. 

In June we're wanting to take a vacation trip to his dads in Northern California. Where they can meet little miss - And we can enjoy some time away from the big city life.

This wasn't that fun of an update. . . But I wanted to update, while I have time.

BTW - I am trying so hard to catch up on blogs. But I have so many to read in my reader. . . I get through 10-20/day, but the next day I have another 10-20 new post. I feel like I will never get caught up. Stop posting. For like. . . 2-3 days. Haha.

Today (12 days) she weighed in at 6lbs 15oz - Yesterday morning a home nurse came and weighed her at 6lbs 13oz. She was on and off the boob ALL afternoon/evening and spent 3 hours in the middle of the night on and off the boob - She OBVIOUSLY had a growth spurt. She was just shy of 20 inches long.

Birth Stats: 7lbs 1oz - 19.5 inches


Thursday, March 11, 2010

1 Week

My princess is fast asleep - I figured now is a good time to update.
I still need to get to typing up her birth story - But today was the 1st day we didn't have to go to the hospital for a billi recheck.

We're still battling the jaundice. . . And as a last ditch effort, I started giving her formula today. :( I really wanted to avoid that - But this jaundice is stubborn and not going away, so I figured I'll give it a go. At first I was giving her the boob, then an oz or so of formula and then pumping the rest out. . . But that was over feeding her. So now I am just giving her a bottle of formula, and pumping. We'll see how it goes. . . I am praying that A) it'll work and B) it won't mess up breast feeding or my supply. I'm using bottles that are suppose to be good for BF'd babies - 1st Year Breastflow bottles. So hopefully that helps. . . We have been going to the doctor daily to get her levels checked. Her poor little heals!! She is such a trooper though - Fusses for a bit but never cries. They gave us a break today - But we go back tomorrow. It takes a good couple hours - Which sucks, but it gets us out of the house.
Other then the jaundice, she is a perfectly healthy baby girl. She's had about 3 different doctors outside of the hospital check her out, and all have said the same! She has a slight left hip click, but it's nothing major or worrisome. If only we can beat this jaundice!!!

I cannot believe it's been a week. I am so in love with her, and I cannot remember what life was like without her. She's such a perfect little angel. . . Such a good eater & sleeper. And she loves to cuddle with her mommy. I didn't plan on it - But right now we are cosleeping. We both sleep SO much better this way. We'll see what happens when daddy gets home!

That's really all I have to update on. . . I'll leave y'all with some pics I just uploaded!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Billi Baby

Emmersyn was readmitted on Sunday afternoon as her jaundice levels were 19.7. It sucked. . . She hated it. The first hour she screamed her little head off, and nothing I did was helping. She wanted mommy to pick her up and love on her, and get those awful things off her eyes. . . But I couldn't. So I cried with her. . . My mom was off getting my dad - But the nurse was trying to reassure me and make me feel better. She said that they normally have a hard time adjusting to it at first. . . And she brought some sugar water for me to dip her paci in. That seemed to help. . . Emmersyn still hated it, though.

She hates being naked. . . She'd much rather be in some comfy PJ's and all bundled up in her favorite blankie. . . She also hates things over her eyes/her head being covered. So as you can tell, she was pretty miserable.

Thankfully, formula was NOT pushed on me. It was suggested, but I was also told by the Dr that he thinks she would be fine with my breast milk and the billi light. So I stuck to BF'ing & pumping. I was only able to take her out for 30 minutes at a time every 3 hours. . . And that was to feed & change her. We both soaked up the cuddles when I burped her, though. She was so happy when we took her eye covers off - And pissed when they got put back on.

Eventually she got use to the light. . . Though last night was hard as she did NOT sleep. Therefore, neither did mommy. We weren't in a private room - So I was trying to keep her quiet. And for the most part, I did. She was just fussy and restless. . . But it sucked. I wanted to wrap her up and lay her in bed with me so we could both sleep. . . When my mom got to the hospital this morning, Em was asleep and so I knocked out for 2 hours when my mom woke me up to feed her. . . She slept all day under the light - Go figure.

They took her at 4:30am to check her levels. Those results came back at 14. . . So that is great, however they still wanted them to drop a bit lower. So she was rechecked at noon. . . Got those results a few hours later and she had dropped to a 10 - And we got discharged!!!

She looks much better. . . But still a bit yellow. We go back tomorrow for a recheck, so I am praying like hard that she'll be fine and we'll get to go straight home!

This was taken Saturday night. . . Hanging out with my mom.

And this was taken tonight, hanging out with my mom. Such a difference!!

If all goes well tomorrow, my mom will be going home. She was going to go home today, but because of the jaundice she stuck around. . . She'll get us to out appointment tomorrow, and then get us all settled at home and leave. I am kind of nervous. . . I am still healing myself, though doing MUCH better. I am able to get around by myself, get up and down by myself. . . Dry myself off after my shower, ect. . . But it's still nerve wracking. She's been a god send since I went into labor on Wednesday - I couldn't of asked for a better mother. My MIL & SIL are coming to visit on Friday, though. . . So Wed & Thurs I am going to work on getting us back on track with BF'ing and get some what of a routine down. 

Only a few more weeks until daddy gets home!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Welcome to the world Princess


Emmersyn Diana is here!


[E-Mailing Daddy]
March 4, 2010


7 pounds 1 ounce


19.5 inches


8:35am - After 4 hours of pushing.


She came out looking EXACTLY like daddy - But my mom is seeing more and more of me in her. Daddy is elated and cannot wait to get home. I am in absolute awe. She's mine. She's ours. There's no turning back.
She sleeps wonderfully & breast feeds like a champ. She's my little piggy!!

We got discharged 30 hours later.

I have barely slept - But I'm feeling great.

I will write more later.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wow - Shocked!


I had my 38 week appointment today and I went in thinking nothing is going on. I was convinced that I am gonna be pregnant past by due date. I have no pressure down there or anything. In fact, I thought she was still high as she's been in my ribs making me so uncomfortable.

Boy was I wrong. . . Way wrong. Much to my surprise & my Midwifes. . .

I am 3 cm, EASILY stretchable to a 4.
75% effaced.
And her had is at 0 station - RIGHT there.
She also felt my bulging bag of water.

And since I am favorable, she stripped my membranes. She said she won't be surprised if I have her within 48 hours - But no promises. She doesn't think I'll be making it to my appointment on the 12th.

I know I can walk around like this for a while. . . But at the same time, it can be any day. I am very crampy now & have been since after my appointment. I haven't had any contractions - But I've had this crampiness. So my guess is that this IS my contractions.

This is insane.

I will keep everybody posted when I can! Though I have decided that aside from the people at the hospital - Nobody will know she's born until my husband knows for sure!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Truthful Tuesdays :: We're Having A Baby

So last week I had fun with:

I enjoy all these kind of things. . . But I only want to do them if I can make them fun & interesting - And not so boring. So I'll pick random memes to do on some days - Other days, I won't do anything. I do enjoying them all, though!

This week - I thought I'd change it up, as I liked the topic of this meme and though now was as the best time to share!

Confessions from a Working Mom
 (Humm, I don't know why this button is showing up like that)

Today's Topic: How did you tell your DH (or family) you were pregnant?

It's no surprise that I am [impatiently] awaiting the arrival of our first child any day now. . . And I am very excited about it! However - This cute little princess wasn't exactly planned. But that's the chance you take when you have sex - Even if you're taking birth control!

My period didn't show up. . . So I tested. Negative. I took 2 more test over the next 2-3 days, including a digital. "Not pregnant". But my period STILL hadn't showed up - Which isn't right for me. But I thought okay,I just started the new BCP 2 months ago, maybe it threw my body off a bit. I'll wait. My husband was getting ready to deploy in about 3 weeks - So he had leave and we were driving 8 hours up North to his dad & step-moms for a visit. I figured that I will see what happens when on vacation, and if no period when we got home I'll test again.

Longest 10 days ever. I had some signs: Increased tiredness, increased need to pee, & very veiny chest/boobs. But just pushed it to the back of my head. . . He didn't know I was late. At least, I don't think he did. I know that a baby was the last thing he wanted then. . . But we joked about my tiredness and need to pee more often.

We enjoyed our vacation. . . And headed home on July 10th. On the way home - We got word that his deployment was post-poned for the time. We weren't sure why, or how long. But we were excited!

We finally made it home [note to self: don't make that drive on a friday or saturday if possible, more traffic]. And still no period.

I secretly tested that night - And again got the "Not pregnant". At this point, I was convinced I was NOT, in fact, pregnant. But there was a part of me that still thought that maybe I was. My period was 2-3 weeks late at this point and I have NEVER missed a period or been late. Okay, I may have been late once.

The morning of July 11th I got up and, again, secretly took a test. Expecting to see "Not pregnant" again - It was my last test and I figured "What the heck, I'll just use it up". But there it was. . . Nice and clear.


I about died. I have wanted NOTHING more then to be a mommy my entire life - Seriously. Kids are my passion. But only a little part of me was excited. And instantly I thought oh gosh - DH is NOT gonna be happy.

It was about 8am and we were enjoying our last few days of DH's leave before he had to go back to work. In fact - He was due to deploy on July 16th, so we were enjoying our last days together for at least 6 months - And cuddling is our all time favorite thing! I walked into the room and sat on the bed. . .
I took a pregnancy test.
You're not going to be happy. . .
You're right.
I expected it - But it still shattered my heart. He then got up and started cleaning the living room like a mad man - Quiet literally. This boy does not CLEAN. He'll pick up his stuff, and occasionally help pick up the house. . . But never cleans. Unless he's upset or pissed.


We didn't say a whole lot to each other. I understood why he was upset - I can't say I was exactly thrilled myself. Things have been rough with us and, honestly, they still are. But we're committed to making it work and keeping our family together & will do all that we can before we tear the family apart. And money. . . Oy money. That'll always be a stress factor.

July 13th I went to the hospital to have it confirmed & to get up my first appointment.

He still wasn't thrilled. . . And it took him a good while to come around. As time went on - I got excited, but I felt like I couldn't talk to my husband about it and that KILLED me. I felt like I couldn't share my excitement.
He deployed on July 31st. And I had my 1st appointment on August 27th.I would talk about a few things pregnancy/baby related between when we found out & my appointment, but I was too scared of what his reaction may be if I talked more about it with him.

I have an awesome Midwife & I was able to record the babies heart beat at that first appointment on my phone & email it to him (I love my BB) as well as some of the ultrasound. And I sent him pictures.

The reasponse I got from him?

OMG baby - Those made my MONTH. You don't know how happy seeing those pictures made me.

*wipes sweat from forehead*
Finally. He was excited. And he showed it. Finally. He came to terms. Of course - I was amazed and asked him "Are you serious or are you just saying that to make me happy?!" He was serious. 

And now? Psh - Now he already has her very spoiled and loves her to pieces!

We'll make it work. Everything always works out - And I know it will now. Somehow. Someway. It will work.

Though I would've never gotten through this without the love & support of my family.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hooray It's March!

March is going to be the best month of 2010.
No matter what - It'll be the best!

Our little princess of the house will be making her entrance into the world. Sometime. Hopefully soon? Doubtful. But sometime this month none the less.

You think that's exciting? Let me add onto the excitingness of this post!

The husband comes home from a long deployment!! He was suppose to be home at the end of January - But as expected, they were extended by 2 months. Now, he won't be home until the end of the month - But homecoming is THIS month none the less.

And since people are still asking - Despite me giving out this answer I don't know how many times - No, he will more then likely NOT make it home for the birth of our princess. Sad? Yes. Very. But when he left - We expected the extension. In fact, we expected it to be 3 months - Not 2. So we were prepared for it early on. . . We are both really upset over it - It's hard for him to talk about "the day" with me, I can tell. And it breaks my heart that it is so incredibly hard on him - But we have both come to terms with it. And while it isn't the same - He is so excited to have both of his girls on the pier when he steps off the boat.

Tears will flow the day that I give birth to our miracle baby and I won't have my husband by my side. Lots of tears. Lets face it, tears are flowing as I type this. But I will be one of the proudest mommies & wifes on the pier that day. Holding our princess with the biggest smile on my face. Butterflies and all. I am sure I will shake at the knees. But it'll be one of the best days ever - A day that I will never forget and a story we'll make sure she always remembers!

March 2010.
One of the best months ever from here on out.


And while I'm here - A baby update.
- The best news right now? She's not causing me pain! No more tears from being in so much pain over my precious baby girl. I am not sure that she dropped, though, but she is out of my ribs and that's all I can ask for right now.

- I've been bouncing on my birthing ball the last couple days like crazy. Really - Crazy. Sometimes, I feel like I just might bounce her right out of me!

- I've had some crampiness, that I am guessing are Braxton Hicks contractions, once or twice a day. Lasting 30-45 minutes but going away as soon as I get up or change positions. Annoying? A little. But something is better then nothing in my books right now. 

- Last night around 10:30 I realized that I hadn't felt her in a while. I know that she is out of room - Trust me I know that. Haha. And I know that movement decreases because they are out of room, and I'd feel it less because she may be facing my back. But I should still feel something - Right? I couldn't remember, though, when exactly the last time I felt her move was. Then I remembered - I was on the phone with my mom and it felt like E was clawing at my crotch from the inside (what a visual). That was around 6:00pm - Before I made dinner.

So I packed my hospital bag real quick (thanks, cats, for peeing on it). And being that it was a full moon, I figured L&D was busy. And also the fact that I don't remember when exactly I last felt her (the last time I remember feeling her was 6, but there could've been another time I felt her and don't remember). . . I decided that I would lay down in bed with water, have a few candies and see if I felt her within 30 minutes - an hour. By this time, it was 11:00pm and I was really hoping she would get to moving so I wouldn't have to call and wake my parents, just in case. So I laid on my right side (yeah, I know they say left - But I get a better response from her when I lay on my right side). And I started poking at her. I found her foot - Or maybe even a knee. And she wasn't moving it away from me at first. But I kept poking at it & bugging her.

Eventually, she got to moving. I only felt it if my hand was on my belly - Though. I figured that's because there's so little room. So I was safe - Though I did cause BH contractions from all the poking and what have you, but as soon as I flipped to my back (yes, I can still sleep on my back w/ no issues) it went away. So we stayed put.

Hey - At least I have our bag packed now!

That's the only updates I have for now. I'll leave the TMI ones out! Tomorrow my friend & her daughter (who'll be 11 months older then Em) are coming over to hang out and play. I'm hoping playing with little C will get things going. And Wednesday is my 38 week appointment - Fingers crossed that something is going on 'down there'. I am going in with it in my head that nothing is happening and that I am going to be pregnant forever. Yes - Forever. Don't tell me that's dramatic - I'll bite your head off (I already did once today to someone who has never been pregnant before, whoops).

I suppose it's time to crawl into bed & wait to hear from my lovely husband. Hoping for a phone call - They make my week!


Edit: After I posted this blog I crawled into bed. . . For such an upbeat and positive post, I have no idea why all of a sudden I had such a downer attitude. I cried for a good hour over everything - Mostly things not posted in here.

Good golly miss molly - Gotta love these hormones!

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