Friday, April 16, 2010

We are still alive :)

So we're still alive. . . Just really busy. Things are calming down a bit -- For now.

The husband had the first 2ish weeks back where he was only working every 3 days, on duty days. So he was home a lot. . . And last Friday he officially started his leave period -- 2 weeks of no work what so ever. And we've been on the go every day, basically. . . It's exhausting. We have a Birthday party tomorrow and then Sunday we go out of town until Wednesday. . . Then Thursday is my 6 week PP appointment (even though I'll be 7 weeks) and Friday Will goes back to work & I have to take the car in to be serviced.

Emmersyn is doing fantastic. She's 6 weeks and 1 day old today. . . She smiles more and more every day & rolled over from tummy to back today. She eats a lot and sleeps even more. . . She is still sleeping most the day, about 3-4 hours at a time. She'll wake up to eat, burp & get changed. And then will hang out with us for about 30-45 minutes before she starts fussing to go to sleep. So she isn't spending a whole lot of time awake yet. . . I am hoping that'll improve soon. I want her to start having some floor time & some tummy time. And today I won a Bumbo seat off Ebay for $17.00. So when that gets here, I want her to start spending time in it. . . It seems she just sleeps so much, though. And I know NB's sleep a lot -- But I thought that by now, she'd be spending a little more time awake. Thoughts?

Emmersyn loves her daddy -- And he loves her. It didn't take her long before she started to recognize his voice and it absolutely melts my heart. We had a rough start when he got home -- But after a long talk (who woulda thunk? Communication!) we got things worked out and now I get a great amount of help around the house!!  Today he even changed his first diaper (pee only, of course). He does bath time with her almost every time (every other night) -- Though once a week Emma & mommy take a bath together. We both greatly enjoy it. 

Rub a dub dub, Emma in the tub!

It took a while -- But she finally enjoys her bath time. And is slowly getting use to lotion and jammies after bath. 

My favorite jammies -- How I will miss thee.
Little miss piggy is out growing her NB clothes and is officially in size 1 diapers!! Last time I weighed us (weighed myself alone & then picked her up and weighed us together) she was around, approx, 9-9.5 lbs. She loves her mommahs milk! This week she wore 2 different 3 month outfits and fit in them just fine, with room to grow (but not too big). She can still squeeze into some NB stuff, but most the pants are too short. I can't believe my baby is getting so big!!! Where has the time gone?!

Last week we got her enrolled in DEERs -- She's officially a Navy Baby now! I hate the term navy brat. They gave us a list of doctors -- An 11 page list -- To choose from. Boy was that over whelming. But I posted on my every so trust worthy Facebook status asking my friends if they knew how to go about this (hah) or if there were any review websites on Peds in the area that anybody knew of, and a couple of my San Diego friends with little ones spoke up. Lucky for me 2 of the doctors that were suggested weren't only covered with TriCare (our insurance through the military) but on the top 6 that the lady suggested to me AND at the Peds office real close to the house that is ALSO right by my doctors office. So I called to see what doctors were taking new patients -- And every doctor in the office is. So I went ahead with the doctor there who my friend takes her son to who is in the top 10 Peds in San Diego County. Emmersyn has her 2 month well baby appointment set up for May 4th at 1:30pm. Her 1st set of shots. Hubby is going to see if he can get the afternoon off to go with me. . .

My little chunky monkey has also discovered the TV. Here she is watching daddy play video games. . . Her face is priceless. This week she also had her first trip to Sea World. . .
Well I wanted to post more -- But missy may is up, so here's a few more pics. I hope to be back here more often!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cluster Feedings = Frustrating

Tonight is frustrating. & a night where I wish I had more help from Will. Emmersyn has been eating for the past hour or so... And Will has been asleep the whole time. Except when she fusses. I'm tired. I want to sleep. She normally only takes 20-30 minutes to eat... And in the middle of all that, she spits up. So she's full... Hopefully now she'll sleep so I can. My head hurts & I'm all around tired. And frustrated. Growth spurts/cluster feedings are *so* frustrating. I'm *this* close to crying w/ her.

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