Sunday, December 27, 2009

All About Emmersyn!

This here post will be all about our baby girl! :)

On July 10th, 2009 sometime in the earlyish morning I peed on a stick. . . By this time, my period was about 10 days late. I have been on birth control for just over 4 years now... I was on ortho trycyclen lo for 4 years - And then I had switched over to Yaz. I was still on yaz, on my 2nd month of it. I tested the day my period was due...negative. I tested 2 more times in about 3 days, all negative. We then went on vacation to Will's dads house for his pre-deployment leave. We got home on July 9th - So given that information, I didn't think I would get a positive test result when I tested the morning on the 10th. I had used a digital test... Much to my surprise, I saw the word... PREGNANT!!!

I was excited - but this was unexpected and not planned by any means. I was scared and nervous. My nerves over took my excitement. Will did not take it well - Which I expected from him. It took him about a month or so to come around, and by that time he was already out at sea.

On July 13th I went and had it confirmed - and at the time, based off my LMP, I was due March 4th. At that time, they set me up with an appointment with a Midwife. But I had a long 6 week wait. . . I didn't have my 1st appointment until August 27th. My mom came with me. . . And there it was completely confirmed. There we saw our little peanut. She was bouncing around like crazy even then, at 11 weeks 1 day. They had also changed my EDD to March 14th, 2010. Our little jumping bean had a nice little heart beat in the 160's - my mom instantly said "girl" as soon as my Midwife told us her what her HB was, with a big smile on her face!

My first trimester was a breeze. I was waiting for the morning sickness (M/S) to hit – But it never did. I pee'd a lot. . . Was a little more tired, but that could've been due to my thyroid. And I ate a little more. . . All in all, it was a breeze. And I gained a total of 6 pounds the whole trimester.

Second trimester was also a breeze. . . My belly grew & grew. Her movements became strong and happening more. My total weight gain for 2nd trimester was around 18 poundes. YIKES!! That put me at a total of 20 pounds thus far. . .

2nd trimester was an exciting one as we found out the sex of our precious baby girl! I was to impatient to wait till 19+ weeks to find out what we were having, so I talked hubby into paying for us to get a 3D/4D ultrasound and find out early. I found a GREAT place with great packages and pricing – And the package we got gave us a 50$ off coupon on another package at a 2nd visit in this pregnancy. So on October 5th, 2009 my mom and I headed to the ultrasound place. . . I was 17 weeks and 1 day. It was amazing – I love the place. The tech was very sweet and nice. . . And at the time we found out we were having a little PRINCESS!! Will had stayed awake past his 'shift' at work to wait for the news – But of course comms crashed out on us right before I went in so he couldn't call like he wanted to nor could he reply. He did get my email though saying he's having a daddy's girl! My mom was crying during the whole ultrasound – but when the tech said it was a girl she started bawling which in turn made me cry. I thought, because of the lack of response from my husband, that he was disappointed it was a girl. I know he really wants a boy to carry on his last name. But he was excited – Nervous about the future with her, lol, but excited. He loves his baby girl & already has her very spoiled!

Will and I already had names picked out for both a boy & a girl. So from then on we were able to refer to her by her name. . . Emmersyn Diana Maupin. Her nickname, and what daddy calls her more often then not, is Emma. I also call her Em often when I'm too lazy to type it all out.

Emmersyn was a name that I had heard when I worked day care back in High School. We had a little girl there named Emmerson (with that spelling). I always loves that name & said I would name my daughter that – But earlier in my pregnancy Will had turned it down. A few weeks later when we were talking about girl names (our boy name was much easier to agree on), I threw Emmerson at him again, however, I changed the spelling to Emmersyn. He agreed to it. . . And there it was. We finally had a 1st name for a girl.

Diana is a name I was dead set on for her middle name – And he knew that from the start and wasn't against it. Diana was my Grandmothers name – Who passed coming up on 11 or 12 years this March. In fact – Her death date is March 21st, a week after my EDD. And as weird as it may sound to some – I am kind of hoping she'll come that day, as is my mom. It'll be a very emotional day as is, but if she makes her appearance on March 21st, it'll be all that more emotional.

I am now in my 3rd trimester – 29 weeks pregnant – And so far so good. However, I am even more exhausted then I was just 2 weeks ago in my 2nd trimester. Which is driving me nuts! I would love if the energy fairy visited. . . Or the cleaning fairy. Hopefully the nesting fairy will hit sooner rather than later!

My cravings have been manageable, though not the best – Carbs & sweets. That's probably where my 20 pounds have came from! Lol. Though my Midwife is happy with my weight gain… 20 lbs in 28 weeks (that's when my last appt was)? Eh – Not to shabby I suppose.

I am currently awaiting the results from my 1 hour glucose test. As well as results from my iron and thyroid checks – Which I had all three done on Thursday. Out of the three, I am most worried about my iron levels. I am kind of hoping they're low, which'll make this lack of energy make more sense. But I do not want to have to take supplements!

So yeah… Her room is all put together. My parents are wonderful and purchased her nursery furniture for us. A beautiful convertible crib and a dresser with a hutch that'll grow with her. She's got a ton of clothes – Both handed down and new clothes from us, my parents and my mother-in-law. Daddy and I bought her travel system (strolled + infant seat) early on when we had a coupon… We're pretty much set if she decides to come now (please wait though baby girl!). We still need her pack-in-play for our bedroom as she'll be sleeping with us the first few months, I plan on breast feeding! And a few odds and ends… Bath stuff and other little/random things. But we got a good start! My baby shower will be on January 23rd. I am stoked for it!

Also on January 9th I will have my 2nd 4D ultrasound done. My parents are both coming out and possibly/most likely both of my brothers. I cannot wait to see her little chubby face. She'll actually look more like a BABY and less like an ALIEN! I will be purchasing the DVD again (they record the whole ultrasound onto VHS but we can have it put onto a DVD for extra) so that I can send a copy to her daddy so he can see his Princess. We did this last time – And he loved it. Of course, he wishes he can actually be here in person to see it. But we're working with what we have!

I suppose that I'll wrap this up. All in all, so far I have had an amazing pregnancy – A very easy one at that!

Until next time –

Allyssa :)

PS - If you see a random "J" in my post, it's because the smiley didn't transfer over as one from my Microsoft Doc. Anytime I make a smiley like this - :) in Microsoft Word, it makes an actual smiley face. So yeah. . .

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