Monday, September 6, 2010

Photography. . . And Emmersyn

Well, Emmersyn and I survived our first 5 days without daddy since she was born.  We had some rough days, but over all it was a good week.

I am really into photography & editing right now - Ever since I learned about photoshop actions. So I have been taking more pictures then normal, if that's possible!

Emmersyn and I started off September with a bang - We spent last Wednesday at Sea World. And we had an absolute blast. We took her to Sea World after daddy got home from deployment, when she was around 6 weeks old. So this was her first time since then and she had fun. We were there for 5 hours and she did great. Just her and I. We both had a wonderful day and my cup o' love was over full by the end of the day.
She ate better while we were there then she had been all week at home [and usually it's the opposite because she is so curious]. She also surprised me by falling asleep in her stroller and taking a good little nap there. I rock her for naps & bed time [so long as we aren't driving, obviously], so I was surprised. And very proud.

We got to meet Grover, The Cookie Monster & Zoey from Seasame Street and she loved them. It took a lot to just to get her to look at the camera for these pictures, especially when we met Cookie Monster.
We saw three shows: Shamu Rocks, Pets Rule, & Blue Horizons [the new dolphin show, which is awesome]. We also so penguins, sharks, massive fish. . . And did a lot of walking around. She ended up falling asleep in my arms about 10 minutes into the new dolphin show, which also surprised me. She just did amazing. We can't wait to go back again SOON! We have passes through December 2011 - And we'll deff be taking more advantage of them!

Emmersyn is officially 6 months now. I cannot believe that in the time it took us to get here, she'll be a year. The time has just flown. I looked back at some of her pictures from birth, and I cannot believe how tiny she was and how chubby she is now. If I get the time, I'll make a post with all her pictures over time.
She is sitting up amazingly well now. And boy is it a whole new world. I love it - As does she! Right before she started sitting up so well, she was in an inbetween stage where she wanted to move and not just sit and play on her belly, but couldn't figure out how. Now that she can sit up and play, she loves it. She can push herself up into a sitting position if she is leaned back on me - But not yet if she is flat on her back. And when she gets tired of sitting, she'll slowly topple over and roll to her belly to play.

She now has TWO teeth! I felt the second one today. I knew she was working on it, as last week she was fussy here and there, her nose has been running like crazy for the past week and a half, and last week she started eating much less. I actually ended up pulling her off solids to get as much milk in as possible since that is her main form of nutrition. She's eating better as of these past 2 days, so I am guessing it was because of her poor teeth.
Because she is sitting up so well and all the time now, we said good-bye to our level 1 Gymboree class last Thursday and this Thursday we are trying our first level 2 class. We were sad to leave our class, but we know our friends will be with us again shortly! I did something that's hard for me to do, and invited another mom and her son who started at the same time as us to Sea World. They didn't make it, but we did exchange numbers & email addresses and hope to get the babies together soon. Little J is a month younger then Emmersyn, so he's staying behind until he can sit up. We were sad to leave him!

Last week we failed at getting back on schedule, but we tried again today. It's much easier when daddy is home & we have to get up [before the sun wakes up] with him to take him into work. As much was waking up at 6:00am sucks - I really missed our schedule. It's better for both Emmersyn & myself. She took a good [hour & a half] nap at 10am, which is a PERFECT time. Not to mention, she hasn't napped that long in weeks now. . . And I got a lot done before he nap. If this keeps up, I want to start working out during her naps again!
As for me. . . Last week I started reading Eat, Pray, Love. And I got into it and love it so far. I don't get much time to read, so I am not too far into it. But I do enjoy it when I do get to throw myself into it. I also got rid of my glasses & got contacts again for the first time in years. So far, so good. Before I was young & dumb and was too lazy to take them out every night, so they just bothered me. But now I take care of them and I love not having to wear glasses! Not to mention, I have to wear make-up now because of the bags under my eyes that my glasses hid for me. And it is nice. . . It's nice to get myself ready and to feel pretty every day. 

I love it.
We missed having daddy around - But we had a GREAT week together.

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  1. looks like you had a great time. Love all the pictures. You are doing so great with the actions. I remember when I first discovered actions, I spent hours and hours playing with them. hehe. Glad to hear you guys are getting back on a schedule. Schedules make us mom's life a lot easier. :) xo


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