Saturday, August 21, 2010

Photoshop Fun

I promise a regular post updating on the happenings of my little princess is coming - I just need to find the energy and time to sit and type it up.

In the meanwhile, an awesome friend of mine - Alysha - over at Supermom recently posted a Fix-It Friday posted and explained how she edited her photos using actions in photoshop. I've always loved her pictures & the way she edits and finally got around to asking her more about photoshop & the actions she uses. She was kind enough to write up a whole blog post on Photoshop Actions.

So today - I got down to business playing with some photos. So far - My favorite actions are the Boost & the 'Quick Edge Burn'. And of course, anything having to do with B&W. I can't tell you what actions I used for all these photos, as I was just playing around and decided that I liked how it looked - Not paying a whole lot of attention. I suppose I should start paying more attention to that, eh?

Anyways - Here's a few photos I've played around with!

I know for sure I used 'Boost' & the edge burn here.

This one ended up being my favorite.

Thanks again Alysha!!!

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