Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vacation :: Lake Havasu

This week has been hectic - And it's only Tuesday.
But the kiddo is in bed, and the husband is out with some buddies from High School - So now is the perfect time to get all caught up so I can jump back in.
Emmersyn had a blast & did wonderful the whole time we were at the lake. I enjoyed having a little extra help. And my parents enjoyed having her around - Especially my mom. They had an absolute blast with her!
We really just hung out, relaxed and enjoyed the nice weather & the awesome water. Emmersyn - She is totally a water baby. She loved sitting or standing in the water, loved going out for dips with me and loved swimming. I have the cutest video of her swimming in the river butt naked - But I don't feel comfortable posting it since she is naked. She wouldn't swim the way she did then when she had a diaper on. . . It was too funny!
We only went out on the boat a handful of times. Em wasn't too thrilled with her life jacket, mostly when we were not moving. She looked super cute in it, though.

She fell asleep on every boat ride, even if it just lasted while we were going. . . Though one day she fell asleep and was knocked out even once we got back to our little camp out area and were anchored. We just let her sleep, unzipping her jacket to make her a bit more comfortable. She slept for a good 30 minutes.
She was a trooper. We went into the trailer to get out of the sun & heat for feedings and naps. We then put a new swim diaper on & reapplied sunscreen. We kept her from getting sun burnt the whole time we were there - Which is good, obviously. The 2nd day we thought she was getting burnt, though didn't understand HOW since we were putting sunscreen on every 2ish ours. . . But that night, when the redness went away, we figured it was just from her being hot. Her little face gets red when she gets warm/hot here at home, so it made sense.

At one point in the trip, there were 4 dogs. My parents 2: Buster (the springer in the 1st pic) & Dalaney (a small jack russel). And my brothers 2 dogs: Brock (in the 2nd picture) & Callie. It was insane. But Emmersyn loved all the dogs. Buster seems scared, or taken back, but it's because Dalaney is way too overprotective of Emmersyn and is a b*tch and snaps at Buster sometimes if he gets close to the baby. She was in her kennel, but the poor old guy was still freaked out. 

Em had a great time with Pap, Grammie, Uncle Garrett & Aunt NayNay. She loves all the love and attention. That's me with her & my dad a few pictures up.
I am so thankful we were able to take this trip. It was just what I needed. It was a little break for me, without having to leave my baby. And I came home feeling much more refreshed. A huge thank you goes out to one of the people Will works with, for taking him to and from work (it wasn't out of his way, but is still much appreciated). Honestly, without him I wouldn't of been able to go on this trip. And like I said, it was very much needed!

The sunsets were amazing. And it was so relaxing watching them while my dad played his guitar.
Over all - It was a great trip. I can't wait for next year, when Emmersyn will be more aware of what's going on.

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  1. Sounds like fun! Glad you enjoyed yourself! Love her cute swim suits!


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