Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So we're back. . . But I don't have time to blog yet. I'm trying to catch up with life in general + blogs and what have you. My house looks like we left 2 teenage kids for 2 weeks -- Not 2 cats. I have unpacking and some laundry to do (we did most there, before we left). And I need to go grocery shopping. On top of taking care of a growing baby girl. And husband goes back to work tomorrow. I hope, hope, hope to be back full force by Monday at the latest. I have a ton of pictures... Some stories. But mostly just brags about my amazing daughter. My God she grew so much while we were on. BTW -- She did AMAZING on the drive. Awesome.

I had almost 700 post in my reader when we got home yesterday. I am sorry, but I simply do NOT have the time to go through them all. I kinda skimmed last night -- But then I marked most as read. Hopefully I can start fresh, but we'll see how the rest of this week and this weekend go. If anything important, exciting, fun, sad, bad happened and you want me to be informed -- Link me and I WILL read it!

For now. . . I'll leave you with my beauty:

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