Friday, June 4, 2010

Random Friday

I need a good Friday meme -- Any ideas??

She is officially 3 months old. And is a little chunker. I weighed her last night on our scale on her own, & then with me. She is somewhere around 12-13 pounds. It makes me feel better knowing she's gaining weight!

Yesterday was a much better day, as far as her spit up goes. I started putting a little bit of rice cereal in every bottle, which seems to help. Hopefully. We'll see, it could've just been a 'good' day. 
We went to the DMV, yet again, today. Hubby passed the motor vehicle part of his permit test last week, but not the motorcycle one -- Because he wasn't prepared to take it. Today we went back for him to take it -- And he passed. So we're one step closer -- Again -- To him getting his license. I cannot wait for the day where I don't have to take him to & from work. I love my husband to death, but getting the baby up every morning is unfair to her. Not to mention, I have to plan my schedule around when he'll get off work. I only have 1 day a week, his duty days, where I can hang out with my friends because I don't have to go pick him up from work that day. Sure, I can go during the weekend when he isn't working. But I wanna spend that time together, as a family. 

He can drove his motorcycle on roads & during the day only. And of course, I have to be in the car with him to drive the car. However, he has to A) Learn how to drive the motorcycle first; B) Get a new battery put in said motorcycle; C) Get new tires on said motorcycle. And after all that's done, he'll be enrolling on base in a driving course. Once that's scheduled, we can schedule his behind-the-wheel driving test. Once he passes both those, he'll finally get his drivers license.
No. He's never had one. Ever. Not out of state. Not in state & had it taken away for XYZ reason. He's just never gotten it before.

We have 1 week left until we leave on our vacation, and I'm not at all ready. Next week, my blogging will probably be random. And then after that, I won't be around until sometime after the 23rd. This is our 1st vacation with Emmersyn, and I am stressed. I am afraid we'll forget something. We're going to my husbands dad's house. . . 8 hours away. An 8 hour drive. One way. At least, it was 8 hours without a kid. I am betting it'll take about 10 hours with her. 

On the 11th when Will gets off work, we'll be driving 2 hours to our home town. . . We'll take my parents out to dinner that night to thank them for all they've done, and continue to do, for us. Saturday morning will be spent with my family. . . And then my mom scheduled an appointment at 11:30am for Emmersyn to have her pictures done. Once we're done with those, we'll go spend time with my husbands family.
Then Sunday we'll hit the road to his dads house around 8 or 9am. . . And hopefully get there at a decent hour. 

For the most part, Emmersyn does pretty good in the car. I hope & pray this is the case when we're on a long drive. She's also eating every 3-4 hours. Usually, hubs and I stop and switch who is driving about every 3 hours. So I am hoping that it won't take us too much longer to get there. . . But she can be a slow eater!
I am not sure when we'll be coming home. Hubbies leave ends on the 24th, though. . . I love being up at his dads house, I love the area and the small town feel. And I hate leaving [but love coming back to my own house and bed]. . . But I am gonna try to convince him to leave on the 22nd. That way we have a day to relax and get back into the flow of things and get ready for him to go back to work on the 24th.

We haven't talked about it just yet, though. So we'll see. . .
I think he'll have duty that Saturday. . . So I will for sure be back by then. With lots of pictures, of course!!

Have a fantastic weekend!!
We may be heading out of town one day for the hubs to meet up & play some DnD (xD) with some HS buddies. And I think on Sunday him and a few guys will be working on his bike. We'll possibly go to the gun range as well this weekend. We shall see. . . I am sure it'll be another busy weekend!

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  1. I adore chubby little babies. She's so cute!

    At Half-Past Kissin' Time, there's Friday Fragmanets, which is pretty much what you did. :) I did Tickled Pink with Holly at 504 Main today.


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