Thursday, June 10, 2010

Real Quick...

OMG I was so sick Monday & Tuesday. . . And now today this. We leave on vacation tomorrow and I am NOWHERE near ready!!!! Argh. I apologize for slacking in the blogging world this week, but I've barely been on a computer.

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My goodness we cannot catch a break this week!

I took Emmersyn to the doctor today. Tuesday night she starting coughing in her sleep, and then choking a bit. And she sounded super congested. She did it like twice and I woke her up from rolling her on her side/patting her back. I was afraid she was getting sick -- But I remember reading congestion & reflex in babies go hand-in-hand. So I looked it up, to ease my mind and it did. . . She ate and went back to sleep. Done deal.

Last night was rough. . . She went down in her bed by herself. I put a pillow in there as she got use to falling asleep on our bed leaning up on a pillow, so I am slowly transitioning her to her crib. I didn't want to keep the pillow in there over night, though. So when Will and I went to bed around 10ish I took the pillow out. She would cough occasionally, and kind choke. Nothing bad. About 10:30-45ish she coughed/choked so bad it scared her. So I took her out and got her calm on me. I then laid her in bed next to me on her belly. She was okay. . . Then around 12:30-45ish she woke me up by stirring. She just seemed uncomfortable. . .Not crying or anything, she just wouldn't lay still like she was uncomfortable. So I got her and she started fussing. So I fed her and laid her on my chest where she slept soundly until 5:30ish when she woke up to eat again.

Every time she was awake, she sounded SUPER congested. She's sounded congested at night before, but this seemed worse. So I called the nurse line to her Drs office at 6am and the nurse said it could be a cold or could be the reflux and we should follow up with her Dr. But they didn't open until 8am. The rest of the morning was fine. She was congested until she woke up from our morning nap..

I planned on calling to get her an appt when I got home from dropping Will off but I was worried how it'd work. You see, her Dr is one of the top 10 Peds in SD.. He has 2 offices. And I'm 99% sure he is at our office early in the week.. So I was worried I wouldn't be able to get her in today because of TriCare, ect.. Though every Dr at the office takes TC.

I ended up getting her an appt for 11:20am. With a different DR, since her's wasn't in, no issues.

So we go in.. I liked this Dr more then her normal Dr -- But I wanna give her normal Dr more time before I switch her. He says that she sounds & looks GREAT (she even gave him a smile, which she doesn't do for everybody, she's shy.. Ask Mindy lol) and that it is most likely her reflex, not a cold. He said that it gets worse around 3-4 months & then levels out until 6months when it goes away. So that explains why this is all of a sudden a problem. He prescribed her a reflex med & an OTC decongestant. He was very nice & said it's all optional.. And honestly, I hate having to medicate my child. But I would absolutely HATE for something to happen to her when she's choking in the middle of the night even more. I would also NEVER get any sleep for fear of something happening. So yeah.. She's on meds and she goes back for her 4 month appt on July 12th, so that'll also be a follow up on her meds. Vons didn't have the decongestant & I don't have time to run to CVS or Walgreens, so my mom is gonna pick it up for me.

The Dr is very happy with her in general, though. She's a very happy and healthy baby (as if we didn't already know that). She tracks things well, and turns towards his voice awesomely. And was very attentive. He was impressed, and it made me happy. I asked about reaching for toys, ect.. And he said generally around 4 months that starts up. So she's fine there... And I didn't bother asking about her not rolling over because I know that's due to the fact that she cannot lay on her belly for long.

Oh -- She weighed in at 12lbs 15oz. She was 10lbs 8oz on May 4th. She went from the 40something percentile to the 60something percentile. Woo! He also mentioned rice cereal in bottles & I told him we're already doing that. . . So he was happy to hear that.

So hopefully these meds help. . . We shall see.

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  1. I am so glad to hear she wasn't/isn't sick. What a relief!!! I hope the meds help her. I have a few friends w.reflux babies and the meds made a world of difference, so I hope you get the same experience!

    Have fun on vacation. Talk to you on Twitter, as always!!



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