Saturday, June 26, 2010

Vacation! [I should say :: Our Trip] Part 2

That Sunday [the 14th] DH wanted to get up at 7:00am to leave by 8:00. . . Well, the alarm went off at 7:00am. He woke up. And then went back to sleep. The baby was still asleep. So I went back to sleep. I knew we weren't getting up. . . Not until my mom came in around 7:45 and told us it's a quarter till 8. So up we got. . . I gave Emmersyn to my mom with a bottle & her outfit for the day. And then I got myself ready and packed everything up for DH to load up the car.

[DH and his dad when we 1st got there]
We actually got packed up, in the car. . .Got gas, ran it through the car wash, got donuts and we were on the road by 9:00am! I was quiet impressed. The drive sucked -- It seemed like it took forever. DH did most of the driving. . . He likes to be the one driving when we pull up to his dads. Always. It's some penis thing or something, IDK. But what ever. . . I drove like 3 hours, maybe. Emmersyn slept the entire time. Seriously. The.Whole.Time. We'd stop to stretch, feed & change her and as soon as we got back on the road she was out. The last 30 or so minutes of the drive she started getting antsy, but I put Mickey Mouse on her DVD player and it was just enough to distract her until we got there.

[DH's step-sister]
We made good time, though. Even with the baby. We got there in 9.5 hours. 

DH's step-sister and her 2 kiddos were there, which was a nice surprise. So we hung out, they loved on my piggy and we chit chatted. Getting Em to sleep that night was hard. Will's dad & step-mom aren't running their AC yet... It isn't hot, but it was warm. And considering the fact that our house is really cold at night -- Emmersyn had a hard time getting to sleep. We didn't even put PJ's on her. I finally had to go in & lay with her to get her to sleep. . . I eventually got her down in her crib.
Her sleeping was all messed up while we were there. Eventually, she stopped sleeping through the night. OMG that killed me. I am so use to her sleeping through the night. . . And now she was waking up [again] every 4 hours like when she was younger. Torture for me! And after she'd wake up the first time, she wanted to sleep in bed with us. Okay. . . We have a CA King at home. And we were in a Queen. So her in bed with us made for mommy to be uncomfortable. She may be tiny, but she takes up a lot of room. Or her sleeping in my arms. . . Either way, we'd both wake up sweating like crazy. Yuck. And usually me hurting in one way or the other. . . So yeah, sleep sucked!

[Em between the 2 huge steaks the boys ate. 2 inches thick. $30.00/steak. DH ate all his and greatly enjoyed it, haha. He better have for that price!]
The rest of the week was pretty boring, honestly. His dad had our whole visit off -- Which hasn't happened since DH and I went up there during our Sr year Spring Break. So we're normally use to having the days to ourselves and being able to do stuff. . . And I didn't wanna take Em away from her Grandpa since who knows when we'll get up there again. So we didn't do much.

One day Emmersyn & I joined the boys (DH, his dad, his step-sisters husband & his son) shooting. I didn't shoot, and we hung out in the car. But it was still nice. This was Friday -- And we *so* needed to get out of the house. All we did prior to that was go into a few of the other towns for shopping [it's all small town areas, so you have to go to other towns for certain things]. Oh, on Thursday DH, Emmersyn and I went to the movies. We saw The A-Team. And it was just the 3 of us + one other person in the movie! Friday night his step-sister and her family (husband, step-son, daughter & her friend, and their son) came over and we all had a blast. Drinking, eating and playing Apples to Apples.

[A family pic at dinner]
DH's family got to see him drunk for the 1st time and loved it. I enjoyed a few drinks and let loose and all around, it was a great night had by all. Lots of laughs. Lots of memories. 

DH's step-mom had Fri, Sat & Sunday off. We had all planned to go to the lake for some sunshine & fishing on Saturday, but since we were all up drinking until 12:30am - His parents didn't feel up to going. So after Emmersyns 1st nap, we packed up and headed out to the lake. Just the 3 of us. It was perfect.
It was a beautiful day. The weather was perfect. It was nice & warm, with a slight breeze here and there that cooled us down. We caught absolutely no fish. There were too many rocks where we were, so our stuff kept getting stuck. And there was lots of water craft going by, as I expected. We spent a good 2-3 hours out there. . .

Emmersyn loved the lake. I popped her in her stroller w/ a blanket semi over it to block her from the sun, and I lightly rocked it. . . With my rocking + the boats and sound of the lake, it was like she was in her pack-n-play and she quickly knocked out!
I took her to the water and put her feet in [it was bath day anyways, so I didn't mind]. After the initial shock of the water, she loved it. She's put her feet in the sand and just chill. I am so, so happy. My parents have a boat and we'll be taking at least 1 lake trip this summer [it's a 5 hour drive one way, yuck!]. I love my little water baby!

Both hubby and I got some sunshine and then we called it a day. It was nice, though, to just be the 3 of us out by the lake with some drinks and some snacks.
Sunday was Father's Day and it was pretty laid back. . . The 3 of us slept in [as we did every morning but 1, hah] and when we got up, Will's step-mom made everybody breakfast. We just laid low all day and that night we went out to dinner at a Buffet. It was alright. . . Once again, it was close to Emmersyns bed time but she did wonderfully and fell asleep in the high chair. I know that sounds horrible, but she's small enough still that with the high chair cover and her blanket, I can get her comfortable enough to sleep. 

[This is the face of a little girl who loves her daddy to pieces]
[She was sleepy and getting fussy]

Sunday night/Monday morning was rough for Emmersyn and I. . . And I was frustrated so I told DH that we need to get out of the house. He can come or not. But Em and I were going somewhere that day. He didn't join us, so after her nap we headed out to a park in the town over. . . And we just hung out. After that we drove around a bit while she slept and then we picked up a smoothie and headed back to the house so Grandpa can spend some time with her on the last day. We were only gone a couple hours, but it did both of us good.
[With her Grandpa]

Monday night DH, Em and I went out to dinner. Again, it was nice being the 3 of us. I thought about letting Em stay home with Grandma and Grandpa, but I wasn't comfortable with it. Not because I don't like or trust them (not the case at all), but because they haven't spent enough time with Em to know why she's fussing, ect. So we took her with us and we were okay with that. We got all dressed up [for us, hah] for the fun of it.

[DH, Em, his step-mom & dad]

[3 generations]

[Myself & Em with the boys]

We packed up that night and said our good-byes. And Tuesday morning around the same time, we headed out. Emmersyn did great on the drive again. She didn't sleep as much, but did sleep a good amount. Mickey Mouse saved us the times she wasn't sleeping. Usually the drive home takes us longer then the ride there because we always get stuck in LA traffic. But, for the most part, we missed the traffic and got home in 9 hours!

Over all, it was a nice trip. It was nice to see family that we only see once a year. . . And have them meet Em and spend some time with her. Everybody absolutely adored her! I am not sure when we'll go up there again. . .We usually go during his Holiday leave around New Years, but I honestly wanna stay out here for her 1st Holiday season. And if we're being completely honest, I don't wanna make that trip again any time soon. The drive is long and boring, and it's just exhausting and stressful being away from home with a baby. 

Stay tuned for an update on Emmersyn and the happenings around here since we got home. I've been one busy mommah!

I hope to be all caught up and back in the flow of Memes by Monday. . . If I can remember what Memes there are for Monday. xD

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