Friday, June 25, 2010

Vacation! [I should say :: Our Trip] Part 1

[My brother & Em -- I love this picture]

I can't really call our trip a vacation, because honestly -- It was far from a vacation for me. I felt like I worked double time. . . Don't get me wrong, we had a good time visiting family and what have you. But when you have a kiddo, it's a 24/7 job and no matter how much 'help' you have from family while you're on a trip -- You still don't feel like you have a break.
[She *loved* her Uncle Garrett]

The trip started on Friday with a 2 hour drive to our hometown -- La Quinta, CA -- Where we both grew up, where we met, where most my family is & where his mom, sister & her family are. We were only spending 1 full day there, so it was busy.
We got there around 4:00pm on Friday and we just hung out at my parents house. My brother came over & then DH and I took my parents and brother out to dinner. Afterwards the boys went home & us girls went to Target -- I needed a few things. When we got home, my brothers fiance was there to see Em after she had gotten off work.

Saturday was a busy day! Emmersyn had me up around 7:00am and we went into my moms room and let daddy sleep. My dad got home from his meeting and made us all breakfast. We then got Emmersyn bathed and ready -- She had pictures at 11:30! It was hot in the photostudio and it was her nap time -- But she still did awesome during them! My mom paid for them because she is the best [it was her idea, lol]! They should be ready any time to be picked up -- I cannot wait!!

After her pictures, we swung by my Grandpa's house so he can see us the baby and then we went 2 doors down to my Aunt & Uncles house, where it was cooler, so they could see us her and she should eat. We spent about an hour there, between the 2 houses, and then we had to head out to go see DH's family. . .

We spent a couple hours at his sisters house, where his mom met us. His sister, however, had to go to work about an hour after we showed up and was bummed because nobody told her we were coming, so she had to get ready for work still -- Thus got less time with Em. -shrug- I told DH to let his family know we were coming, apparently he only told his mom. 

After a bit, his mom, sisters fiance, their little boy, DH and I all went out to dinner where his sister works -- Tony Romas. It was a nice dinner, and despite it being close to her bed time, Emmersyn did great! We felt an Earthquake while there. They're normal out here, especially lately, but DH & I rarely actually feel them! After dinner we headed home to get Em to bed & get ready for our long day on Sunday. . .

(Emmersyn wants mommy, so I'll type up part 2 later tonight or tomorrow)

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