Thursday, February 25, 2010


Well dang. . . I wanted to get in on Wordless Wednesday - But by the time I was able to sit down at the computer and go through the blogs I have here in my reader & on various other sites. . . And by the time I got the pictures on my computer & remembered - It was past midnight!

Hopefully next week I can join in on the fun of Wordless Wednesday - Since pictures are my favorite. But at the same time, hopefully I will NOT be able to get in on it as I'll be in the hospital in labor or with my princess.

One can only hope, right?

Speaking of the princess herself - I'll still post my Wordless Wednesday picture(s).

I got my hair cut today - A whole new style for a new time in my life. Bangs! I haven't had bangs since I was young. Way young. But I thought a new look would be a nice change. . . I also got my choppy layers fixed up a bit and just a fresh hair cut all around. I like it - Though it's weird to see me with bangs. And it's also weird to constantly have hair on my forehead. Kinda started bugging me towards the end of the night - But eventually I suppose I won't feel them.

Here's pictures of my new due and of my big ol' belly - 37 weeks 3 days.

My poor belly button has taken a beating from all this. This is my only "mommy battle wound" so far from the pregnancy. I had my belly button pierced and took out the piercing (and then proceeded to cry for 15 minutes) around 15 weeks - Just to get it over with. And so not only does my belly button just look all around weird as it's popped out - But I have the weird "X" stretch mark around the top hole of where my piercing was!


For my body - I am big. Just this week, I started feeling and looking like a dang whale. I am ready for this little girl to show us her pretty little face - But it doesn't seem as she's ready quiet yet as she's still pretty high up in there and no sign of coming any time soon. The longer she stays put the better - I wouldn't want anything wrong with her. But mommy is getting pretty impatient and anxious and is 100% ready - So come out when ever you're ready!
Happy Thursday my friends!

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  1. Looking good, belly & bangs! Thanks for visiting my blog:)


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