Friday, February 19, 2010

Writters Workshop - 2/19/10

I'm going to give this a go. . . We'll see how I do with it!

Okay - Well I am having issues getting the graphic to work so this'll have to do.

I got this from: Mama Kat 

My prompt:
3.) Open your picture folders…find a random “February” picture from a past year and tell a story.

February 10th, 2007

It took me a while to decide which prompt to use. . . Until I remembered Duh Allyssa, this should be easy. You got married in February of 2007! So I dug around for my pictures. . . I actually had to dig this up from my Facebook albums since I didn't have this lap top back then and my pictures from 08 back are on my husbands external hard drive. Sometimes - Being a "picture whore" on Facebook pays off!

Now to the story. . . Where do I begin?

I absolutely love this picture of my husband - And the fact that you can see part of my face in the mirror behind him. We were so young - So in love and so excited to be getting married. He would be 19 in a weeks time, and I was just 18 and a half. I know, a lot of people look down on young marriages - But they do work out. He was getting ready to deploy in April and we were just ready to be married - Why wait if we knew it would happen?

So it almost didn't happen because of the Navy and we went back and forth a bit on when it would happen - But we finally made. We found a court house in San Diego, CA that was open on Saturdays - The only one that we know of in San Diego and Riverside County. We took 2 friends with us to witness it. . . And got dressed up, though not too fancy because we had still planned on a 'normal' Wedding thanks to my parents. We woke up that morning in our oh so romantic hotel - The Navy Lodge. And got ready. He is always handsome - But that day he looked stunning in his white button up and black slacks. I had found the perfect dress - Cute and simple. We headed to the court house and got all signed up, so to say, to have our JOP Wedding.

It wasn't the most romantic way to get married - But it worked. And all that mattered to us was that we would become one. Once we got called back, we were in and out within 10 minutes. That's it. We were married. Just like that. . . And it felt no different.

You may kiss your bride

 Right next to the court house was a Panda Express - But it still wasn't open for another 30 or so minutes. So we sat outside with our friends chit chatting and celebrated with Panda Express once it opened. After lunch, we split from our friends and went back to our Hotel where we changed into something a little more comfortable. . . He kept his button up shirt on and threw on some jeans with the shirt untucked - Boy was stunning! I threw on my typical "jeans and a tee". . . Though it wasn't any ol' tee. I was finally able to proudly wear my "Proud Navy Wife" tee that he got me.

So young. So innocent. So in love.

Here we are - 3 years later. It has been a rough road. Getting married young isn't a walk in the park. Both of us have changed so much, and continue to change and morph into who we will settle as as adults. Our marriage has changed as well as ourselves - It's had many ups, and many downs. And we're still ironing out the kinks. But we still love each other and we are just weeks away from welcoming out first child into our life - Just weeks away from starting our family.

It's been hard. Many tears have been shed. Changes have been made and continue to be made. But I wouldn't have it any other way!


  1. Good luck to you as you start your family! My sister got married when she was 20 to a Marine so I can relate... I recently got married in April but we are 27 years old... Good luck to you and your new family!

  2. Thank you - Congrats on your marriage & best wishes!


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