Thursday, February 18, 2010

Writters Block

So I haven't had much to update//talk about lately. It's been pretty boring around here. . . A lot of my mommy friends from my due date club (DDC) on a mommy website I am on have had their babies this month already. . . Most are 35-36 weekers, and as we get further into the month they're getting further along, obviously. But I want my little princess to stay put until March - So I've been taking it pretty easy. . . Not to mention, I've been a bit down since our 3rd Wedding Anniversary was on the 10th - Then Valentines Day on the 14th - And Will's 22nd Birthday just passed yesterday.

But let's see. . . I have my 36 week appointment today. Nothing exciting happened though. I was hoping I'd be checked, but I wasn't. I don't think anything is going on though, Emmersyn is still pretty high just hanging out. She is growing a ton though - And I feel every inch of her growth. Her HB was good - In the 150's as usual and my stomach is measuring right on track. I go back again on March 3rd. . . And then the 12th and the 19th if she isn't here. If I make it to my appointment on the 12th (I am sure I will, but hoping not) I am going to see about having my membranes stripped. I'll be 2 days out from my due date - So hopefully they'll do it! I heard it's painful. . . But I will be so ready for her to come. I am hanging her eviction notice on March 1st. . . I know she'll come when she's ready, but I am still giving her her notice and am going to try what I can to get things moving!

That's really all there is to report. . . Communication has been hit or miss with Will since the last week of January because their equipment is broken, or part of it is. And they won't get a replacement or get it fixed fully until they reach Hawaii - But by that time it'll practically be pointless as they'll be 2 weeks out from being home! While email went down - The phones were fixed and started working [most the time] again! So I have gotten 3 or 4 phone calls in the past 3 weeks. <3 <3 <3 I went 4 months without hearing his voice due to phones breaking up, him not having time to call and then phones breaking all together. I love when I get phone calls from him - Even if they're in the middle of my night.


I am still looking for some blog suggestions to read! I love reading blogs - I suck at commenting but I love reading. Especially the 'fun' blogs. . . The creative ones (unlike mine where I basically talk about my day to day life, I wanna change that but have yet to figure out how, exactly, to become more entertaining). . . So please leave a comment with suggestions!


Until Next Time - 

Allyssa [and Emmersyn, too!]  

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