Saturday, February 27, 2010

Eviction Process

The eviction process has begun!

I am sure everybody is getting a kick out of me trying to "plan" when my daughter will come. . . Hah. But hey, a girl can hope. I know she'll come on her own time, but that doesn't mean I won't try!
Today I went to Target and walked around while I shopped. . . I then went grocery shopping while the rain held off. I live upstairs - So I went up and down the stairs 5 times carrying groceries. That was a work out and exhausting in itself!! Putting groceries away which required me to bend and such. . . And then another trip down & back up the stairs when I took the trash out.
I got a birthing exercise ball at Target, as I've heard bouncing on that may help her drop. . . I also heard it'll help during labor, ect. . . It was only $9.00 for the ball & pump, which isn't bad at all. Blowing that thing up was a work out in itself. . . And I am sure triggered some things.

I sat and bounced and rolled on my ball for about an hour earlier while I talked to some friends & paid bills on line. . . Until my back hurt. Then I moved to the couch.
Not much longer I started to get contractions!! They lasted about an hour. . . For a while I was debating in my head if they were contractions or a stomach ache (yes, laugh all you want). . . But they were on the under part of my stomach - Not up higher where my stomach is. So I decided after they didn't go away for a bit that I should time them. . . I busted out the good ol' Contraction Master. . . And the stopped. And haven't came back.

Go figure.
But hey - Progress. It's something!

I think I will now spend my Saturday night making homecoming posters for the lovely husband!!
Tomorrow I will do some more running around & some walking. . . Wednesday is my 38 week appointment - Fingers crossed that something is happening down there!

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