Monday, March 1, 2010

Hooray It's March!

March is going to be the best month of 2010.
No matter what - It'll be the best!

Our little princess of the house will be making her entrance into the world. Sometime. Hopefully soon? Doubtful. But sometime this month none the less.

You think that's exciting? Let me add onto the excitingness of this post!

The husband comes home from a long deployment!! He was suppose to be home at the end of January - But as expected, they were extended by 2 months. Now, he won't be home until the end of the month - But homecoming is THIS month none the less.

And since people are still asking - Despite me giving out this answer I don't know how many times - No, he will more then likely NOT make it home for the birth of our princess. Sad? Yes. Very. But when he left - We expected the extension. In fact, we expected it to be 3 months - Not 2. So we were prepared for it early on. . . We are both really upset over it - It's hard for him to talk about "the day" with me, I can tell. And it breaks my heart that it is so incredibly hard on him - But we have both come to terms with it. And while it isn't the same - He is so excited to have both of his girls on the pier when he steps off the boat.

Tears will flow the day that I give birth to our miracle baby and I won't have my husband by my side. Lots of tears. Lets face it, tears are flowing as I type this. But I will be one of the proudest mommies & wifes on the pier that day. Holding our princess with the biggest smile on my face. Butterflies and all. I am sure I will shake at the knees. But it'll be one of the best days ever - A day that I will never forget and a story we'll make sure she always remembers!

March 2010.
One of the best months ever from here on out.


And while I'm here - A baby update.
- The best news right now? She's not causing me pain! No more tears from being in so much pain over my precious baby girl. I am not sure that she dropped, though, but she is out of my ribs and that's all I can ask for right now.

- I've been bouncing on my birthing ball the last couple days like crazy. Really - Crazy. Sometimes, I feel like I just might bounce her right out of me!

- I've had some crampiness, that I am guessing are Braxton Hicks contractions, once or twice a day. Lasting 30-45 minutes but going away as soon as I get up or change positions. Annoying? A little. But something is better then nothing in my books right now. 

- Last night around 10:30 I realized that I hadn't felt her in a while. I know that she is out of room - Trust me I know that. Haha. And I know that movement decreases because they are out of room, and I'd feel it less because she may be facing my back. But I should still feel something - Right? I couldn't remember, though, when exactly the last time I felt her move was. Then I remembered - I was on the phone with my mom and it felt like E was clawing at my crotch from the inside (what a visual). That was around 6:00pm - Before I made dinner.

So I packed my hospital bag real quick (thanks, cats, for peeing on it). And being that it was a full moon, I figured L&D was busy. And also the fact that I don't remember when exactly I last felt her (the last time I remember feeling her was 6, but there could've been another time I felt her and don't remember). . . I decided that I would lay down in bed with water, have a few candies and see if I felt her within 30 minutes - an hour. By this time, it was 11:00pm and I was really hoping she would get to moving so I wouldn't have to call and wake my parents, just in case. So I laid on my right side (yeah, I know they say left - But I get a better response from her when I lay on my right side). And I started poking at her. I found her foot - Or maybe even a knee. And she wasn't moving it away from me at first. But I kept poking at it & bugging her.

Eventually, she got to moving. I only felt it if my hand was on my belly - Though. I figured that's because there's so little room. So I was safe - Though I did cause BH contractions from all the poking and what have you, but as soon as I flipped to my back (yes, I can still sleep on my back w/ no issues) it went away. So we stayed put.

Hey - At least I have our bag packed now!

That's the only updates I have for now. I'll leave the TMI ones out! Tomorrow my friend & her daughter (who'll be 11 months older then Em) are coming over to hang out and play. I'm hoping playing with little C will get things going. And Wednesday is my 38 week appointment - Fingers crossed that something is going on 'down there'. I am going in with it in my head that nothing is happening and that I am going to be pregnant forever. Yes - Forever. Don't tell me that's dramatic - I'll bite your head off (I already did once today to someone who has never been pregnant before, whoops).

I suppose it's time to crawl into bed & wait to hear from my lovely husband. Hoping for a phone call - They make my week!


Edit: After I posted this blog I crawled into bed. . . For such an upbeat and positive post, I have no idea why all of a sudden I had such a downer attitude. I cried for a good hour over everything - Mostly things not posted in here.

Good golly miss molly - Gotta love these hormones!

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