Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So Busy :: Update. . . Maybe

Well see how long little miss can stay off the boob//how long my computer will last before overheating.

I've been so busy with doctor appointments. My garsh - My poor baby & her poor heals! She's such a trooper, though.

Last week we were at the doctors on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday. . . And again today. For her 2 week well baby & another jaundice check. Good GREAT news - HER JAUNDICE LEVELS ARE DROPPING! And we don't need to go back for another check. Thank you, Lord!!! Every doctor appointment was so stressful for me - Wondering, worrying, if she'd get readmitted again. How would I do it ALONE?! Oy - Very scary. Needless to say, I was very happy to get to go home WITH my baby after each appointment. Though it took a bit longer - And it took her having to go onto formula for 30 hours - It's finally going down. And I can see it in her beautiful skin tone. No more ugly "sun tan". 

I have so many pictures I want to share - But I can't seem to find the time! Maybe next week? By then I'll have a hundred more!

Tomorrow my mother & sister-in-law are coming to meet Emmersyn. That'll be tiring, I am sure. Having to entertain people while healing and with a new born is tiring to just THINK about - Let alone DO.

Thursday. . . Ah sweet Thursday. Emmersyn is taking her first trip to Red Robin with mommy, Mindy & Cecilia. It's a must. And we're all excited. Em & Cecilia are 10.5 months apart in age. Mindy is another Navy wife - And an AWESOME friend! 

Friday is mommy & Emma day. I may head out and get my toes done - Or we may just declare it a PJ day like yesterday was! 

Saturday we have at least 1 visitor coming. I am expecting 1 other person to come visit. A few of my long time friends have been dying to come meet her. But the whole jaundice thing has kept us so busy [we spent AT LEAST 2 hours at the doctors office each visit] and I haven't wanted too many people handling her just yet. . . I haven't kept her inside, in a bubble. . . She's been to Target. A few times. And the exchange. And Vons. And her doctors office is at the Hospital. But even out at those places, there aren't a bunch of people touching and hovering over her. The poor girl has been through enough in her 12 days of life, as far as doctors go, so I made the decision we'll wait until after she's 2 weeks for visitors other then family. 

Sunday we have no plans - But the one other visitor may come then. I told people that if they wanna see//meet her - Saturday & Sunday are the days. Other wise, they'll have to wait until May. Why? You ask. Well. . . This may or may not be our last weekend without daddy. :O Next week will be filled with homecoming preps and enjoying my piggy - Without having to worry about doctor appointments! And once daddy gets home? Well our days will be filled with family time. Much needed, long over do family time. When daddy gets home - He'll only have to work on duty days, which'll be every 3 days. And on April 9th - He goes on leave until April 23rd. In which we have things to do here in San Diego - Including my 6 week check up. And we have to go home to visit family and all that 'fun stuff'. Then we'll be getting into a new routine. . . A routine of daddy working and Em and I hanging out at home, doing homely stuff. By the time we are all settled - It'll be May. 

In June we're wanting to take a vacation trip to his dads in Northern California. Where they can meet little miss - And we can enjoy some time away from the big city life.

This wasn't that fun of an update. . . But I wanted to update, while I have time.

BTW - I am trying so hard to catch up on blogs. But I have so many to read in my reader. . . I get through 10-20/day, but the next day I have another 10-20 new post. I feel like I will never get caught up. Stop posting. For like. . . 2-3 days. Haha.

Today (12 days) she weighed in at 6lbs 15oz - Yesterday morning a home nurse came and weighed her at 6lbs 13oz. She was on and off the boob ALL afternoon/evening and spent 3 hours in the middle of the night on and off the boob - She OBVIOUSLY had a growth spurt. She was just shy of 20 inches long.

Birth Stats: 7lbs 1oz - 19.5 inches


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