Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Emmersyns Birth Story

[She's been asleep long enough, and my computer has been alive long enough, for me to be able to get this typed up!]

Emmersyn Diana
March 4, 2010
7lbs 1oz
19.5 inches

I went to the doctor on March 3rd for my 38 week appointment. . . Much to the surprise of myself & my Midwife - I was 3 cms, easily stretchable to a 4, 75% effaced and her head was at 0 station. She stripped my membranes. And right away - The cramping started. That cramping, was actually contractions. I went home after my doctor appointment in awe of what just happened. . . I called my mom & said she needs to pack her bags tonight. I kept her posted, and when she got off work at 5pm she went home and took care of the animals and packer her bag. . . She then drove out here. I was still cramping, it hadn't stopped, and we figured I'd have the baby sometime that weekend anyways. . .

She got here around 9pm and we went straight to the hospital. I couldn't time the contractions - They were both in the front and back. It was a constant crampy feeling. Nothing that was unbearable, though. In fact - I drove us to the hospital! xD

We got there and I got into a triage room right away - Changed into a gown and hooked up to monitors. I was contracting. . . Though very small. They were 1-2 minutes apart. I got checked and was a good 4cms, still 75% effaced & her head was now -1 station. They did an U/S to make sure she was head down, and she was. They felt her to guess on a size - Said she's small, probably in the 6lb range.

They then say they'll be admitting me.

I got admitted and into my room around 10:00pm on March 3rd. My mom then went down & got our things. . . And called my Aunt & brothers GF, who were coming to video tape and take pictures for me. My dad was in Vegas - The night before I text my mom and said "Watch Emmersyn come when dad was out of town." Hah. He stayed put. . . He was coming home the next day - Plus he had a commitment on Fri & Sat in the desert.

Around 12:00-12:30am on the 4th they checked me. . . I hadn't progressed. So they said they wanted to break my water AND start me on pit. . . I told them to call in for my epi (when I heard pit, I knew right away I needed the epi). They broke my water around 1:00am - Weirdest feeling ever. Instantly the contractions picked up. And painful. Some right on top of the other, others spaced out a bit. I somehow was able to sit perfectly for the epidural. . . I actually only had 1 contraction when she was doing the part where I had to sit super still - So that made it easier. I remember my crotch leaking since they broke my water and me thinking "Oh God - I hope I don't leak on my mom" who was sitting on the side of the bed and my feet were hanging on her lap. And then my boobs start leaking - And I say out loud "My boobs leaking!" And everyone laughed - And then we talked about how I started leaking around 20-25 weeks. They were amazed.

By 1:30 my epidural was done and I was feeling it in my left side. It took about 20 minutes to full work on my right side.

All I felt of labor was those 30-35 minutes between them breaking my water and the epi working. Ohhh yeah!

They started the pit sometime shortly after that. . . And Em kept going off her monitor. My mom went out to meet my Aunt & brothers GF after my epi was inserted, and when she came back in, the nurses were working like crazy with me to get Em calmed down/get her back on the monitor. I was checked around 2:00-2:30am and was all of a sudden 9cms!!! 80% effaced and her head was -2 station.

I got 'stuck' there for 2 hours. . . There was just a little bit of cervix that I needed to get past. Finally, at 4:30am - I was a 10 and ready to push.

So I pushed. . . And pushed. . . And pushed. An hour went by. . . 2 hours. . . 3 hours. . . A shift change. I was hoping I'd deliver with the team of nurses I had, and had been pushing with the past 3 hours, as well as the doctors. . . But that's okay. Lucky for me - I got another GREAT set of nurses and they actually got me pushing harder, and were a bit more personal (the intern was rubbing my leg, and just real personal with me, it was nice). And then I had a Midwife, instead of a doctor. . . And she was from my Midwife clinic, though I hadn't seen her. She was AWESOME. I am so happy she delivered. . .

Around 8:00am they called in the peds team, and some other doctors. . . I don't remember much. By this time (3.5 hours into pushing) I was getting tired, emotional and just wanted her out. My eyes were closed between pushes. But I remember opening them at one point and seeing a ton of people in the room. . . I remember hearing a doctor tell my Aunt & brothers GF that they need to turn the video cameras off & no pictures until she was born, very sternly. They were thinking of using forceps or the vacuum. Emmersyns head was turned to the left. .  Instead of down. They tried turning her, and got her to turn a little, but she wouldn't turn all the way.

I remember hearing one doctor telling my Midwife no forceps yet. . . And I kept pushing. I had people calling me by my name telling me to push, I had my mom in my ear encouraging me, crying (happy tears). . . Making me cry. And I heard some guy yelling "Push mama" - Which I was thinking "WTF" at first, because I didn't realize how many people/who all was in the room - And last I saw, there was no guy (not that I was against it, just saying). Honestly - It was nice to hear a guys voice.

Finally. . . 8:35am my princess came into the world. She had her cord lightly wrapped around her neck one time. I wanted her to come straight to my belly - But because of the cord & the 4 hours of pushing (which eventually, in the last 20ish minutes, put a strain on her), she had to go straight to be checked out. She never left my room, though.

I cried and cried. I cried happy tears. I cried scared tears. And I cried sad tears - Sad tears because her daddy missed her grand enterence into the world.

We have a ton of pictures of the whole delivery. . . More then he'll ever want to see. LMAO. And some video. . . So while it isn't the same, I am glad we have that for him to see when he gets home, if he wants to.

I had a couple 2nd degree tears. . . The awesome Midwife that delivered her tried to avoid it, but it just wasn't avoidable. Recovery was hard. Especially the first night. I was alone in the hospital. . . Getting in and out of bed was hard. Real hard. And the baby stayed with me all night - No nursery for her to go to. I cried. And Will reassured me that I can do it. I somehow made it through. . . And we went home the next day.

To this day - I believe my first 5 days of recovery were worse & harder then my whole pregnancy, labor and delivery. My little bundle of perfection tore me up - But her poor head also took a beating.

Mommyhood has been great. I love it. I have been so blessed with a wonderful baby & I cannot wait for her daddy to meet her!!!

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