Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wow - Shocked!


I had my 38 week appointment today and I went in thinking nothing is going on. I was convinced that I am gonna be pregnant past by due date. I have no pressure down there or anything. In fact, I thought she was still high as she's been in my ribs making me so uncomfortable.

Boy was I wrong. . . Way wrong. Much to my surprise & my Midwifes. . .

I am 3 cm, EASILY stretchable to a 4.
75% effaced.
And her had is at 0 station - RIGHT there.
She also felt my bulging bag of water.

And since I am favorable, she stripped my membranes. She said she won't be surprised if I have her within 48 hours - But no promises. She doesn't think I'll be making it to my appointment on the 12th.

I know I can walk around like this for a while. . . But at the same time, it can be any day. I am very crampy now & have been since after my appointment. I haven't had any contractions - But I've had this crampiness. So my guess is that this IS my contractions.

This is insane.

I will keep everybody posted when I can! Though I have decided that aside from the people at the hospital - Nobody will know she's born until my husband knows for sure!

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