Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So busy...

Oy, ever since my husband got home last Friday we've been on the go it seems... And when I have down time to spend online (while he's on his xbox), I have a bunch of things to catch up on. I had just gotten into a routine when he got home & was all caught up w/ my reader & was keeping up... Now? I'm *way* behind again! And I'm sure it'll be like this until my husband goes back to work full time April 23rd.

He's only been working on duty days - Every 3 days. His nonduty days we usually have somewhere to go/something to do! Saturday we both got new phones. He was due for an upgrade since right before he left, but we held off knowing hed be gone at least 6 months... I was surprised when they said I was up for one, too. So I got a new blackberry, which I loce! That's where our state refund went to... Hah. We also got our federal refund the other day & spent a good chunk of it. Today I bought Em a jumperoo that she can use in a few months & a big girl car seat, since we had the money. We have a long drive coming up in June, so we'll switch her to that seat then.

Emmersyn is going to be 4 weeks old tomorrow (well, in 2 hours). I cannot believe its been 4 weeks! She's starting to fill out & get a bit chubby. She's estimated (weighed her with me) to weigh around 8lbs. She's still a peanut, but considering she got down to 6lbs 9oz or so... She's doing great tho! Mommies milk seems to be doing its job. I still absolutely love breast feeding & she seems to as well. She takes a paci for comfort, but more often then not she prefers mommies boobies for comfort - She knows the difference & knows what she wants! I have fallen in love with my Moby wrap - As has little miss Em. She knocks out within 5 minutes of being in it & knocks out hard. More often then not she goes in it when we shop.

Other then being on the go & more exhausted then I was when I was alone w/ the baby, things are good. I gotta nurse Em & get us both to sleep - Up at 7am to get daddy from work! Maybe on Sat (his next duty day) I'll have time to post pictures!

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