Monday, March 8, 2010

Billi Baby

Emmersyn was readmitted on Sunday afternoon as her jaundice levels were 19.7. It sucked. . . She hated it. The first hour she screamed her little head off, and nothing I did was helping. She wanted mommy to pick her up and love on her, and get those awful things off her eyes. . . But I couldn't. So I cried with her. . . My mom was off getting my dad - But the nurse was trying to reassure me and make me feel better. She said that they normally have a hard time adjusting to it at first. . . And she brought some sugar water for me to dip her paci in. That seemed to help. . . Emmersyn still hated it, though.

She hates being naked. . . She'd much rather be in some comfy PJ's and all bundled up in her favorite blankie. . . She also hates things over her eyes/her head being covered. So as you can tell, she was pretty miserable.

Thankfully, formula was NOT pushed on me. It was suggested, but I was also told by the Dr that he thinks she would be fine with my breast milk and the billi light. So I stuck to BF'ing & pumping. I was only able to take her out for 30 minutes at a time every 3 hours. . . And that was to feed & change her. We both soaked up the cuddles when I burped her, though. She was so happy when we took her eye covers off - And pissed when they got put back on.

Eventually she got use to the light. . . Though last night was hard as she did NOT sleep. Therefore, neither did mommy. We weren't in a private room - So I was trying to keep her quiet. And for the most part, I did. She was just fussy and restless. . . But it sucked. I wanted to wrap her up and lay her in bed with me so we could both sleep. . . When my mom got to the hospital this morning, Em was asleep and so I knocked out for 2 hours when my mom woke me up to feed her. . . She slept all day under the light - Go figure.

They took her at 4:30am to check her levels. Those results came back at 14. . . So that is great, however they still wanted them to drop a bit lower. So she was rechecked at noon. . . Got those results a few hours later and she had dropped to a 10 - And we got discharged!!!

She looks much better. . . But still a bit yellow. We go back tomorrow for a recheck, so I am praying like hard that she'll be fine and we'll get to go straight home!

This was taken Saturday night. . . Hanging out with my mom.

And this was taken tonight, hanging out with my mom. Such a difference!!

If all goes well tomorrow, my mom will be going home. She was going to go home today, but because of the jaundice she stuck around. . . She'll get us to out appointment tomorrow, and then get us all settled at home and leave. I am kind of nervous. . . I am still healing myself, though doing MUCH better. I am able to get around by myself, get up and down by myself. . . Dry myself off after my shower, ect. . . But it's still nerve wracking. She's been a god send since I went into labor on Wednesday - I couldn't of asked for a better mother. My MIL & SIL are coming to visit on Friday, though. . . So Wed & Thurs I am going to work on getting us back on track with BF'ing and get some what of a routine down. 

Only a few more weeks until daddy gets home!!!

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