Thursday, July 22, 2010


Lets talk about Coffee. . .
Truth be told - I was never much of a coffee drinker. I enjoyed a cup here or there, and the occasional Starbucks coffee as well. But it never did anything for me. As a person with ADD, it shouldn't do much for me.
I was always told that when I'd have kids, coffee would become my best friend.
I never believed them. Because well, coffee has never done anything for me.
They were right. For the most part.
We've always had a coffee pot. . . And we've had the same thing of coffee in our house for a while now. Why I bought a big ol' can of it, I still have no idea. But we're going through it now. When ever my parents come, they always make coffee in the morning. But again, I just was never into it.
Until about 3 weeks ago.
When I started on a morning routine with Emmersyn, where sleeping in until 10 am was no longer an option. . . I started making coffee in the morning. The first day I had a cup of coffee with breakfast in the morning - I was full of energy. I got so much done, was in a great mood and thus - Had a fantastic day. All because of a simple cup of coffee. Amazing.
Now, most mornings, when giving Emmersyn her breakfast I sit at the table with her drinking my coffee and eating my breakfast. I haven't been on any of my ADD meds since I got pregnant as they weren't safe during pregnancy & breastfeeding - And I just don't feel like I need them any more. So coffee gives me that bit of caffeine that was in my meds that kick my butt into gear every day. I only drink it during the week, though, when I am alone with the baby all day while DH is working. He isn't much of a coffee drinker, either, so I don't bother with it on the weekends.
I like my coffee sweet. I use Hazelnut creamer and sugar. Mmm Mmmm! I make a fresh pot every other day, since it's just me drinking it. I most defiantly prefer fresh coffee - But I am not gonna waste it so I'll just heat it up in the microwave the second day.
Do you drink coffee?
When did you start drinking it?
How do you like your coffee?
Have a fantastic day! 


  1. I didn't drink coffee until I had kids. :) well, like you I had it at Starbucks occasionally, but rarely. it just wasn't my thing.

    but it gets me through the day on rough days and it's just a nice way to the start the day.

    I love Butter Toffee coffee from our Keurig with Dulce De Leche creamer (I'll have to have you try it one day). it's kind of sweet, but I'm not one for bold strong coffees.

    and oh yeah... I still read your blog on here, I'm just a slacker and never comment. :P but coffee and I have a love affair now, so I wanted to share our story. xD

  2. I am all about the sweet stuff. I don't like bold coffees, either.

    And yay! Thanks for sharing your love story with coffee with me. :D

  3. Instead of making a pot every other day just make enough for 1-2 cups a day so you have fresh coffee daily. Just a suggestion. I live on coffee! 2 cups a day.


  4. Hey Allyssa! Just found your blog...

    I'm not a coffee lover either so we'll have to see if this rings true for me once I have kids too!

  5. I only drink Iced Coffee..but we will see if I can switch to hot when Kasons home!

  6. YES I love my COFFEE...and if I can't have Starbucks...well, OK I'll take Kureig instead. We have a Kureig "coffee pot" its not really a pot...and I love it. My fav is Chocolate Glazed Donut...or is it Swiss Chocolate Almond...or is it Cinnamon Roll...or is it Southern Pecan...I can never decide :)

  7. Oh Coffee... How I love thee. however... I took a break from it for a while just to do and then now it makes me so shacky I can only drink a small amount. But when I do drink the little that I can I like it with yummy creamer :)

    It's my pleasure to give you the Versatile Blogger Award today--you have such a wonderful, beautiful, and creative blog. You can see the announcement at

    Thanks for being you!


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