Thursday, July 8, 2010

I parent by heart. . .

Man I love my daughter!

She's currently on her play mat going nuts with all the toys & as one gets close to her mouth, she starts smacking her lips. Cutest thing ever! I took a video but haven't uploaded it yet. I do, however, have a super adorable video uploaded of her making the Indian noise. I love it!

She is a fantastic little girl and I am a very blessed mommah! I am so in love with her. . . And with being a mom. She's the best thing that's happened to me since I met her daddy.
Being a mom in general is so awesome. So much fun. So rewarding. Simply amazing. I parent by heart - Not by the books. "They" change what's right or wrong every so many years, I really don't know what's "right" and what's "wrong". So I do what I feel is best for Emmersyn - And I follow her lead.

When she was younger, I found one day that she slept better when she was on her belly. It was the only way I'd be able to put her down when she was asleep. . . So we brought her pack-n-play out to the living room and for the 1st week - She took her naps in that on her belly, where I was close by and checked on her constantly. I noticed just how much better she slept - So we moved the PnP back into our room and we started night time on her belly. Yes, it was very nerve wracking. I checked on her often those 1st few nights through out the night. . . But I left it up to the man upstairs. I knew he would watch over my precious baby girl. . . And he did. Now she has out grown her tummy sleeping.
Around that same time - We found that she slept better when she was in her pack-n-play next to our bed, in her own space. . . Not in bed with us (it's a CA King so she did have her own space, but not enough I guess). So we [sadly] weaned co-sleeping.

She doesn't like tummy time - So I don't force it. We try it at least once or twice a day - But when she starts fussing, we stop right away. I know a lot of babies don't like tummy time and have to learn to like it - But I am not worried about her. She has gotten the neck strength from other things - Like standing - So we don't push it.
Now we're already on solids. . . She was ready - Constantly watching any and everything that went into our mouths. We started oatmeal cereal about a week & a half before she turned 4 months old. That Sunday - 1 week before she turned 4 months - We went ahead and introduced bananas. This girl loves her some bananas. She got it mixed in with her cereal every morning for 1.5 weeks. Sometime in that time frame - We introduced peas. But she threw up from them. So I made a mental note that her little tummy just may not be ready for veggies yet - So we'll hold off. [Side Note: My mom started solids early with my brother & I and did all fruits 1st then veggies closer to 5-6 months]. No biggy. She's young still, I won't push it. About a week ago we introduced applesauce. She seems to like that as well. . . So now she's getting that mixed into her cereal. Her applesauce will be gone tomorrow morning - So next week we'll introduce a new fruit and do that for a week-week and a half.

I am simply going off her cues. Some people don't agree with solids this early. They wanna wait until 6+ months. That is fine. I can respect your decision & I won't bash it - I ask that others do the same for me. I had someone say that I was going to kill my daughter by starting her early. Excuse me?! That is absolutely ridiculous!

Emmersyn isn't laughing yet - But she just started rolling tummy to back. I don't think she's behind, but I believe she does things like that in the later months of the time frame. And that is perfectly okay. She's like her mommy - She likes to do things on her own time. Things here now run on Emmersyn time - And I am a-okay with that!

I have a very healthy & very happy little girl who I love so very much. And she just loves her mommy & daddy. Oh boy, does she love her daddy! I know babies can't get "bored". . . But I truly believe that she does get tired of me during the day, because by night time all she wants is her daddy. She stares at him all night long. . . If I have her & she fusses, he'll say something to her and interact with her and she's all smiles!!! She loves her daddy to pieces - Already a daddies girl!

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