Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Still no new news on C other then she has a follow up appointment next week.
I can't believe it's already Wednesday!
We have Gymboree again tomorrow!
PS: Took Em to the Dr on Monday for her random screaming out in pain. Dr thinks it's her reflux. Even though she is on Zantec. We're trying out a new med - Prevacid. Hopefully it'll work. She weighed in at 14lbs 5oz. She goes back for her 4 month (shots, yikes) on Monday!


  1. I cannot believe she weighs that much! Emmy was 14 lbs. 8 oz. at her 9 month appt. my poor tiny girl!

  2. Yeah, Em is a little chunk. I love it though!

    I can't wait to see how long she is at her appointment next week. They don't do length at 'sick baby' appointments. She's long, though. She is in 3 month onesies and clothes and 3-6 month PJ's/anything with feet.

  3. Love the pics! She is so cute! The leg warmers are so adorable. Makes me yearn for a baby to cuddle with. You're a blessed mama.

  4. Thank you! And I have to agree, I am a very blessed mommah!


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