Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Prayers. In need of them greatly

Dear Blogger World -

I know I have not been the best blogger these last few weeks, please forgive me. I am still having a hard time balancing life & blogging.

But I have come to reach out to y'all. A family I know needs prayers. Lots of them.


My moms best friend since at least high school found out she has cancer. A few weeks ago, or last week (not 100% on the time frame but it is very recent), she went to the Dr for what she thought was hemorrhoids. . . She was told she needs to have surgery the following day. No. It wasn't hemorrhoids. It was a cancerous tumor.

Just like that she found out she has cancer.
We aren't sure how bad yet. From the sounds of it, chemo & radiation are in the books. If anything, just as a precaution to make sure the cancer hasn't/doesn't spread anywhere else. They're still waiting for results, though, to see what stage it is. We really don't have much more information then that.
My mom is really upset. I can hear it in her voice. We haven't talked about it other then when she text me saying that. I just called my dad today to get more information. He said she hasn't said much to him, either. That's rare for my mom. She got her nickname of "Chatty Cathy" when she was younger & still lives up to it to this day. 

The lady with cancer, we'll call her C, has a husband of many years and 2 girls who are a couple years younger then me. . . Going through college. 

I ask that you pray for C. . . Pray that the cancer isn't bad. Pray that she can beat it. Pray for her family. Pray for her friends. Just. . . Pray. Please.

I will post updates when I get them. 

My mom is my best friend and I hate to hear her hurting. DH is going camping this weekend with some buddies, so I am hoping Em and I can get out to see my mom and spend some quality time with her to hopefully cheer her up some.

Spread the word. The evil cancer has struck blogger-ville again.

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