Friday, July 2, 2010

It's a juggling act. . .

Oh blog. . . I apologize for neglecting you.

Life is a juggling act - And I have never mastered juggling alone.

Let alone, trying to juggle everything in life. Please forgive me?

Emmersyn makes it all better. . . Right? Right!

This week was insane - And I am exhausted. Just the normal wife/mommy life. Something got up my butt though since we've been home from vacation and I have been in super house wife mood. I cleaned every room in the house since we got home from vacation [except for the office full of DH's stuff - Which is driving me nuts]. And then we got our bookshelf we ordered in. . . Started to take the pieces out to find one piece very cracked. So my house is destroyed again while we wait for the replacement piece and it is driving me nuts.

Who is this person? I'll admit - I've never been a clean person. I've hated cleaned - Hated it. Now? Now I cannot stand having a messy house.

I blame the cute little thing that came outta me named Emmersyn.

Emmersyn started at Gymboree this week! I am excited - I always wanted to take her but never thought we'd be able to afford it. It's $70/month - $62 with a military discount. They offer a free class so I decided to go on Tuesday. . . I am glad we went when we did! Their level 1 class (0-6 months) is low enrollment right now, I think because a group just moved up to level 2. . . So they were offering $75.00 off. There is a one time $45.00 enrollment fee + the monthly fee. . . So with the $75.00 off + 10% military discount - We paid a total of $32.00 for the month of July - Not bad at all!

We love it! We can go up to 5 days a week, between the 2 Gymbo locations, if we want. The location closest to our house has our class on Tues, Thurs & Sunday at 1:00 until 1:45. I think Emmersyn & I will just go T&Th, unless DH has Sunday duty and we are bored.

The 1st day we went, Tuesday, there were only 3 other babies and Emmersyn was the oldest one [at almost 4 months old]. . . And she did great. No fuss at all. She just took it all in. Thursday was a different story. By the time Thursday came around, I was exhausted. So we didn't get out of bed until 9:30. Normally, that's fine. . . But on Gymbo days, she needs to get a nap in before we go. I have found that she takes her 1st nap 3 hours after she wakes up for the day. . . So waking up at 9:30 messed everything up. I tried putting her down at 11 and she wasn't having it. I needed to get ready, though, so I laid her in her crib to see if she'd put herself to sleep - Going in there to check on her and tell her I was still here every now and then. 

No luck - But about 30 minutes later after I was ready, I went in and rocked her and she fell asleep. It lasted all of 30 minutes. . . So during class she was a big fussy. Which isn't like her, but I knew it was because she was tired. She was also really spitty. . . Like, it was bad. Not sure what caused that. 

Hopefully this week, both days go okay. I know now that if we are going to Gymbo, we need to get up around 8:00am. It's what we did on Tuesday & she got an hour nap in before we went to class.

On non-Gymbo days we were still busy. . . A mothers work truly is never done! By Thursday, as I stated above, I was exhausted. Today was a duty day for DH, meaning he has to be on the ship for 24 hours. . . So after we took him into work, we came home and slept. We slept in. Ignoring our morning routine. I think we both needed it.

We're working on Emmersyn sleeping in her crib at night now. . . The past few nights, she's slept in there all night. Only waking up once for a bottle and going right back down. We've mastered naps in her crib. And honestly, once I figured out how long to go between naps, it was no struggle at all. Either I am smart for starting this young, or I have a super easy going baby [well, I know she's easy going but this is just awesome]. She actually does great at night, too. . . We're just trying to get rid of the one middle of the night feed. It won't kill me if she keeps it up - But it'd be nice to go back to sleeping through the night. I think we're getting there. She was waking up around 11. . . Then it was sometime in the 12:00 hour. 2 nights ago it was 2:30. . . And last night it was 3:00am.

Now that completely throws off my schedule I'm trying to get her on - But I am hoping this means she's slowly getting to where we'll be sleeping through the night again. I was too tired to care today, though. When we finally did get up, we went about our routine like we do when we wake up at 9. . . It was just a bit later. She did great. She's an easy baby.

So yeah. . . I haven't figured out how to juggle life and blogging. I am on the internet often, I won't lie there. . . But I am just lacking the motivation to blog. Anywhere. I am on a military spouse support site that I have a casual blog on - And since getting home from vacation, it's hit or miss there. My days are filled with getting up and down. . . Yes, I am on the computer a lot, but never for lengths of time. I come & go. . .

Emmersyn, I think, is getting into a bit of a separation anxiety phase. Nothing terrible. . . But if she can't see me, she'll start fussing. And after playing by herself for so long, she wants me to play with or talk to her. When DH gets home, I get a little time to relax - But honestly not much. Once Emmersyn goes down, DH and I eat dinner and just relax together. . . And then it's time for bed. I think I need more hours in a day. . .

So spill it - How do you balance life and blogging? Where do you get the motivation?

To be honest - I do better with these kind of post. Where I just. . . Ramble, I suppose. I can never get my creative juices flowing for some of the fun Meme's. . . And I can never seem to get them posted in time, either. However, I feel like this isn't what people want to see or read. I feel that people like the fun & creative Meme's. . . Or post with meaning, with a specific topic.

I love to write. . . I always have. But I can't ever seem to get creative enough. 

I guess I am in a funk. . . A blogger funk. And I'm not sure where to go from here. . .

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