Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sunshine & Summer Time

I've been wanting to post a blog all week. . . But it's been impossible. We're just too busy - And I don't like blogging when DH is home. I can't concentrate as much. Today is a duty day and a non-Gymboree day - Which means that we aren't rushed to get things done in the morning and I can sit and relax [and blog] during her morning nap!

It's summer time & the sun is shinning - Finally! Though last week, you wouldn't of thought it was summer time out here - It was cloudy & cool all week. I had Em in pants some days! I am loving this warm, sunny weather we have here now!!
I have a water baby - And I love it!! She loves the beach, and as we found out this weekend - She loves the pool! She was kicking away and just sitting back and hanging out.

I feel like we are constantly busy around here - Which isn't a bad thing. But oy - Mommah is exhausted! I am constantly cleaning the house. I've got a new found love for cleaning. I use to hate it - But boy do I enjoy it now. I think know it has to do with the fact that I have a baby now and I want to keep a good, safe, clean environment for her. . . But it's amazing how much has changed in the past 4 months!

Emmersyn is growing so much and way too fast. . . I cannot believe it's been 4 (almost 4.5) months since I had her. Since I could barely walk. I almost, almost can't remember what it was like trying to get around after I had her. . . Oy that was rough! Emmersyn had her 4 month well baby appointment on Monday - Poor baby had shots which she wasn't thrilled about - But has done great since! She even slept through the night Monday night - I missed that but it was short lived, as I figured.
My little monkey is 14lbs 14oz (71%) and 25.5 in (91%). . . And her little big nogging is in the 87%. I was shocked to hear she's in the 91st percentile for height. . . Not that DH and I are short - But she just doesn't look that long. I am not way tall, I am only about 5'4 - But I have long legs. DH is about 6 feet. So we'll see how tall she'll end up being. She's just perfect, though!

This week little miss tried pears. They were a success. So she's now eating bananas, applesauce & pears! She loves her food. . . Though she's still only getting it once, sometimes twice, a day. I have also decided to make her food. . . I got one of those 'Slap Chops' from my parents house, since they never used it. . . And am just making her food with that. So far I've made bananas and carrots. She is still a little iffy about the bananas. . . They taste fine to me, but I think the different texture of them, compared to the Gerber food, is a little shocking to her. She finally chowed down on them last night - But then this morning wasn't so into them. Today I am going to attempt to make her sweet potato & apples. I still have to look into how to do those, though. I've heard different ways, so we'll see.

Has any of my readers made their children(s) baby food? If so - I'd love to hear how you did it and any tips or pointers.

I've obviously never done this before and am kinda figuring it all out as we good - So I'd love some advice or tips!
Gymboree yesterday was fun. Emmersyn, of course, spit up everywhere. . . Which is a little embarrassing to me that she spits up so much while there - But what can I do? We're trying a new formula that's thicker and specifically for spitting up. . . Not sure if it's making much of a difference other then the texture of the spit up. Hah. She showed her little personality yesterday, though, by talking and squealing away. I loved it! There was another new mom, with a baby 5 days younger them Emmersyn who normally goes to the other Gymbo location - And she seemed really nice. She said how she's looking for other moms and such to hang out with. . . And her daughter is way adorable. I wish I wasn't so shy so I could reach out to her and see about getting together outside Gymbo or something. She seemed to like our class a little better, because we always have a parent discussion - Whereas, she said at the other location they don't. So I am hoping she'll come back tomorrow!

That brings me to another exciting milestone! Her daughter was flipping from back to stomach like it was nothing yesterday during class. . . When we got home, Emmersyn was playing on her play mat on the floor when DH says "There she goes!" I thought she was spitting up - So I grabbed the cloth and went to clean her up. . . Nope - She was trying to roll onto her tummy!! She got all the way over, but she couldn't figure out how to get her little arm out from under her - So I helped her out.

Yay Emmersyn!

Now once she puts two and two together - We're in trouble!


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  1. She is such a doll. Love all the pictures. Payton was sitting next to me while I was reading and kept pointing to the screen saying baby. hehe. Thanks for sharing all the updates :)


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