Saturday, May 15, 2010

Can it be?!

2 months 1 week and 4 days old. . .

And. . .
She's. . . I am pretty sure it's safe to say. . . She sleeps through the night!

My sweet little piggy. . . Oh how I love thee. . . And I also love my sleep.
For a while now, she's been sleeping from 9p-4a. Roughly. I was trying to get her to sleep till 5am so that I can get up and feed her and then have bfast before we have to get up at 5:45 to take hubby to work. Waking up at 4 and going back to sleep for an hour makes waking up at 5:45 much harder.

The other morning. . . She did just that. I had to wake her up at 5am. I have to wake her up before we take hubby to work, other wise she will scream bloody murder more then likely. We haven't tested it. . . But frankly, I don't want to. I greatly enjoyed our early morning mommy-daughter time. I fed her in our bed. . . Changed her diaper and then we came out to the living room where I had a muffin & juice and we watched the news until we heard [on the baby monitor, lol] daddies alarm go off. And as I figured -- He woke up wondering where we were. *giggles*
Last night. . . Last night she fell asleep on me somewhere between 9-9:30 (which is rare, I usually put her to bed when she starts fussing, but hubs and I were watching a movie and I wanted cuddles from my princess). Hubby had duty today but was getting a ride, so I didn't need to wake her up. . . However, I of course woke up at 5:15 when his alarm went off. He left around 5:45 and I tried for 15 minutes to get back to sleep. . . But my boobs. Oh man my boobs. They were *so* full. She ate at 8pm. . . It was now almost 6am. I felt like they were going to explode. I could not get comfortable no matter what I did. So I did something I didn't want to do. . . I woke her up to eat. ::sigh:: I have a pump. I have no idea why I didn't think to pump. I am really curious as to how long she would've slept had I not woke her up. 

The good thing is we were both back to sleep by 6:45 and slept until 10:30.
This kiddo is just like her mommah. . . We love our sleep. And I'm very grateful for a great sleeper of a bebe!!

Tomorrow morning I am not waking her up to eat. . . If I wake up in a puddle of milk (leak through the breast pads, yup) and boobs ready to explode, I will get up and pump. We'll see how long she'll sleep till.
I love my princess.

She loves her tongue. Concentration people -- Concentration!

I can just kiss this little face to pieces all day. . . And I'm pretty sure I do. Good thing she's a lover girl!

She spends a lot of time on her tummy. . . Even though she has reflux, she loves being on her tummy. Most the time, that is. She loves her bumbo, too. She often sits there as I get ready for the day. . . And occasionally I can get her on her back on her play mat. I know she's only [almost] 2.5 months -- But I don't know what more to do with her. We talk. We sing. I play with her. But I still think she gets bored. She stays up for an hour-hour and a half max at a time. . . Before she starts fussing. And honestly, I'm not sure if it's because she's tired or bored. I assume tired -- So I put her down. This week, she's been going down in her swing. I get her arms swaddled, turn on the vibration, the sound and the swing & give her her paci -- And within 5-10 minutes she is out.

We broke down her bouncy seat -- She just wasn't using it any more. We have a small house, so it was taking up room. She has PLENTY of toys that I put around her when on tummy time -- Not that she's interested in them. We have a jumperoo. . . I've been dying to put it together but I think she's still too small. Our friend has her daughters set up still, and we're going over there today. . . So I'm going to put her in it and see how she does with it.

Does anybody have any other suggestions? 

[[All these pictures were taken and edited by me yesterday. I was finally able to order a new battery charger for my DSLR battery (seriously, my old charger freaking grew legs & walked away) and got it the other day. It's been about a month without my DSLR & just my P&S. . . And OMG I missed it greatly!! Now if only I can part with it a bit longer to have the auto focus fixed, hah. . . Not happening any time soon.]]

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  1. I am trying to remember back to when E was that age and by god I cant! :( I don't think theres much else (besides what you do) you can "do" with them until they get interested toys. Em started to play with toys (more like hold them and grab them about 3 mons- I do remember that much). I don't think a 2mon old knows what being bored is. My fiancee says that alot about Em sometimes and I tell him the same thing, she is 2, she doesn't know what bored is.

    Good Luck



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