Sunday, May 30, 2010

Emmersyn's 1st Beach Trip!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
I love my hubby for all he does for our country. . .
We'll never forgot those who've left us while serving our country!
With that said -- We've had a full weekend! And of course, little miss Emmersyn has done fantablous! Yesterday we were out of the house from 6:15am-10pm. She is such a great kiddo -- Love her!!

Today we had a nice little family day. Emmersyn took her 1st beach trip. I've been looking forward to this since I found out I was pregnant last summer. I love the beach. And I love living at the beach. Summer of '08 I spent the good portion of my summer (unemployed) at the beach. It was amazing and I had a nice tan. I also relearned how to boogie board -- And fell in love with it!! Last year I spent hardly any time at the beach. I found out I was pregnant early July, so that put a damper on my beach time. I can't just go and sit. . . I like to jump in the waves & go boogie boarding. But I didn't want to risk doing those things while pregnant. . . So I missed the beach very much & I day dreamed about this summer, taking my little one to the beach.
I didn't want to take her for the 1st time without hubby. . . I figured today was as good as any other day. The weather was beautiful and we had nothing else to do -- So to the beach we went!

Unfortunately, it was windy. So yes, the weather WAS nice, but the wind made it chilly. Emmersyn had an adorable bathing suit on that my mom got her, but she didn't get to show it off as it was too chilly to take her out of her little cover (which she was also adorable in!). So she just hung out with mommah, laid in her dome thing, and we took her down to the water. She didn't care about the sand. . . And was upset about the water at first -- But I think it was because she wasn't expecting it & it was cold. After the 1st go, she was good. Don't worry though, we only put her feet in. And it was only for a few minutes, if that. 

I, of course, took many pictures. . . And I have come to share!
I hope y'all have had a wonderful holiday weekend!

Hubby turned the flash off on my camera, but this pic was too cute to delete even though it's crappy quality.
This bathing suit is 6-9mo. I was worried it wouldn't fit. But it does. With room to grow. It should last her all summer.

The handsome man I married
A quick [or not so quick] bite to eat before we had some fun

Her cute hat was way too big, but it did the job of keeping the sun and wind outta her little face

Checkin' out the sand

I love this pic

Headin' to the water

She loves to stand -- And has strong lil legs!

It was windy -- Ignore my hair

With her daddy

My lil family

Summer time baby!

Come back tomorrow for Mommy & Me Monday!!

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