Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So you should all know by now that well. . . I love my daughter.

I also love pictures.
The two go hand in hand. . . I love taking pictures of my daughter. I have hundreds thousands of pictures of her. Seriously. In her short 2.5 months of life. I may or may not be taking advantage of the fact that she doesn't run from the camera right now. . . Because well, she can't even roll yet. [Uh, when is my daughter gonna roll over?] I wonder if I'll be this way with my 2nd child. . . I sure hope so. Otherwise s/he may think s/he was adopted when s/he gets older & doesn't see many pictures or videos of him/her. Hah. I kid. Maybe. I don't know.

Either way. . . Enjoy. Because I certainly enjoy her cute little face. . . And hands. . . And piggies. Oh how I love her piggies. 
She greatly enjoys her little play area. . . Even though the most she does is kick the toys hanging off her play mat. Hah.

Her Grammie (my mom) got her this outfit when she went to NY in December to visit my Aunts & baby cousin. Good thing I put it on her today -- It fits snug!
I wish this picture would've came out more clear. Sometimes, having your auto focus on your camera broken sucks. Especially when you wear glasses.

The lighting in my bedroom was horrible. . .
I love that she follows me with her eyes/looks for me if she hears my voice.
[Ignore the yuckiness of the bib -- It was a hand me down and she only wears it for like 15 minutes after she eats. She's a happy spitter]
Not focused well. Lame. But I still like it.

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