Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Presents and babies. . . Oh my!

On Mothers Day, my dear husband ordered me a present. It came today. A beautiful heart locket. . . And he put a picture of my pretty princess in it. He just got me a beautiful cross necklace for Christmas. Christmas before last he got me another beautiful necklace. I love all the necklaces. . . It's so hard to choose!!

As I said in my Wordless Wednesday post -- Growth spurs SUCK!

On top of that, I think she's working on a new milestone or something. . . I hope it's laughing. I cannot wait for the cute, cute belly laughs that come from babies! But it also could be rolling over. . . Either way, it's been one of THOSE weeks. 

Today I attempted to make her 4mo well baby appointment for early July. There is a sign at her doctors office that says something about making appointments well in advance, especially during the summer months. When we were leaving her 2 month appointment last week, they were too busy at the front desk. So I called today. . . THREE times. The 1st time -- I was on hold for 18 minutes. And then my phone disconnected me. Weird. And 2nd time -- I was on hold for 15 minutes. And then I just hung up. I finally got through, a few hours later. . . Just to be told that they do not have the schedule for July yet, and to call back in 2 weeks. How can we make appointments well in advance if you don't have the schedules?! So I failed. . . I also couldn't find the number to my doctors office. I deleted it from my phone, thinking I wouldn't need it -- And due to my child being difficult, I never got the chance to look for it until it was too late. Fail number two. Maybe tomorrow I'll have better luck there.

My little itty bitty loves her tummy time. . . She also loves being in her bumbo looking around. She has such a strong neck and good head control. Each day she last longer and longer on her belly. She amazes me on a daily basis. However, I think she's getting bored every day. She isn't really into toys -- But my mom suggest that I put a few toys down for her and let her check them out and such. I suppose I can try. This weekend we're going to a friends. . . They still have their jumperoo set up, so I'm gonna see how she does in that and see if I should set hers up now at home or not. 
I love her little chubs. . . And her little shoes. Why yes. . . I am THAT mom who puts shoes on her 9 month old. This was actually the 1st time, and I did it because well. . . They were a gift & she hasn't worn them yet. I wanted to put her itty bitty feets in them before she doesn't fit any more.

Bottom line -- I love my itty bitty. . . And my itty bitty loves me.

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