Tuesday, May 25, 2010

No post it note tuesday. . .

No PINT for me today. . . For one, I don't have the energy. I've been up since 5am (the kid also woke up at 3am to eat, something she hasn't done in a few weeks), and I went on an hour long walk with my friend, her little girl & of course my princess. I also spent last night dealing with drama with my husbands cousin, which wore me out in itself. . . And for two, my notes are always boring. 

Is there any other fun memes for Tuesdays out there?
I do have pictures - And a video - Of the little one, though. Of course. 

This weekend I was told that I "post too many pictures" on my Facebook page. Is there really such a thing as too many?! I think not. Especially when our family hardly gets to see her. I know my mom greatly enjoys all the pictures, on top of the daily picture(s) I send to her phone. And especially when it comes to my love bug. And if only they know how many pictures I actually TAKE. Yeah, shove it!
So on Friday I took out her infant carrier, and installed her convertible big girl seat. The only time we ever took the carrier out of the car was in restaurants. They're just big, bulky & too heavy with a 10+lb baby in it. . . We won't mention the fact that she screamed her head off in the carrier all of a sudden the last few weeks, stressing me out. She spends a lot of time in the car. . . We take hubby to & from work daily. . . So that's at least 2 hours a day in the car (sometimes less, just a round about number). It was just too much. . . We had the seat, and were planning on installing it before our drip to his dads (8-9 hour, one way, drive) next month. So I figured I'll go ahead and do it. . . So I did. She exceeds the minimum requirements (5lbs & 19in) and is rear facing, as it should be and as she'll probably be well past a year. 

So with the new seat, comes other big girl adventures. Like sitting in the high chair, like a big girl, at restaurants. She did this twice this weekend, & she did so dang good. She just sat there, looking around. And when she got sleepy, she sunk into her big cushion-y high chair/grocery cart cover, got comfy cozy, sucked on her paci and fell asleep. . .

Where she contently slept while we ate, laughed, talked and enjoyed our time with family. She is such a good baby - I count my blessings daily. 

And here is a video of Emmersyn in her beloved Jumperoo. . .

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