Monday, May 17, 2010

Case of the Monday. . .

Not sure what's up for a fun Tuesday post. . . So for now, I'm just going to blog.

Today was a Monday. Plain & simple.
Traffic getting onto base was insane. . . There's far too many ships in port right now. Don't get me wrong -- I'm glad that so many families are together right now. Being apart sucks and everybody deserves to have their family together as much as possible. . . But they didn't build this base very well. We got there at 6:10 and traffic was way backed up -- It took us 30 minutes to get onto base. And another 10 minutes for me to get OFF base. Now, if the husband drove himself -- He'd have to leave probably a whole 45 minutes earlier to get there & find parking. The parking there is horrible. . . I am pretty sure every spot gets filled. And people have to walk who knows how far to get from their cars to their ships, and vise versa. It's just horrible. 

Nothing beats starting your Monday like sitting in traffic to get onto base for 30 minutes at the butt crack of dawn!
[She was helping us make beef stew the other night]

So ick. . . Traffic. Emmersyn & I finally get home -- Seemed like it took much longer! I feed her, change her and we go back to sleep. . . This was around 7:30-7:45. Next thing I know -- It's 11:30!! I most deff did NOT want to sleep in that late & was surprised Emmersyn slept so late. Normally she wakes me up around 10-10:30 to eat and then we get up for the day. I have a lot of house work to do this week for family coming into town this weekend, so I wanted to stay on our normal routine. Oh well. . . I wake up to yet another gloomy day. Where in the world is our nice, warm, sunny weather?!

Gloomy weather puts another damper on my Monday.
So we finally get up and her Em fed and do our typical 'morning' routine. . . I go get her outfit for the day and a diaper. I then get myself ready while she hands out on my bed [or in her bumbo] listening to songs like The Duck Song [1, 2 and 3] or  The Elephant Song on my phone. Once mommah is ready, I get her ready and then we go to the living room for some tummy time. . . Or for her to sit on my lap and talk to me. And then starts the nap an hour, wake up, eat, play for 30-45 min, nap. . . Rinse & Repeat. . . And in between all that, I try to get house work done.

The husband then texts me to get ready to go get him. . . Unfortunately, little missy is napping. But I knew that I, sadly, had to wake her up to feed her before we headed out or she'd be screaming by the time we got there -- And I know I wouldn't want to be welcomed by a screaming kiddo after a long day at work. In the middle of her feeding -- She poops. Which is normalish. Except. . . It wasn't no ordinary poop. It was a fantastic poosplotion. ::sigh:: 

Outfit change number 1.
So we get the daddy and head home. . . Shortly after getting home -- She spits up. Again, quiet normal around here. After all, she is a reflux baby. Or a 'happy spitter'. However, this was gross. And a lot. And she had no bib on. Que outfit change number 2. 

3 outfits in one day. I know that happens with kiddos//babies. And I know we'll have more days like this. . . It's also quiet alright considering the amount of clothes this girl has. She hasn't worn everything she has from NB-3M yet. She only wore a handful of her NB clothes. . . And so far only a handful of her 0-3 & 3M outfits, which she will probably out grow!! However -- The 3 outfits in 1 day just added to my 'Case of the Mondays'. . .
I won't even bother getting into how overly dramatic she was today. Holy moly. Needless to say -- I am exhausted after today. Lets hope that tomorrow brings sunshine so we can have a better day!

PS: Welcome to all my new followers! And thanks to Tiffany for the idea for the new blog name. I like it. And for those who have been following me for a bit -- I promise I'm sticking with this name now. :)

PSS: I still need to add pictures to my banner -- But now that I have a new lap top, I don't have the banner saved and forgot where I got it. Not sure what to do about that one. . .

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